Friday, March 31, 2017


So I am trapped in this lucid dream of questions and thoughts. I lay my head on my bed and thinking about what's going next and here I am just having this thoughts in my head.

God made the world with love and care. He cared so much for all of us He sent his only son to save us from our sins. As holy week is coming, these thoughts of mine had poke me that this world we live in is so big, there are a lot of things that is happening. 

As a human, a wonderful creation by our Almighty, we above all creatures has the knowledge to think about what is right and what is wrong. We have the power to posses things in a positive light and think about what we NEED and what we don't need. 

But as time progress man's intelligence, even way way before our time, SELFISHNESS, JEALOUSY, KILLINGS, Love for POWER, OPPRESSING THE LITTLE, had been rampant, and it seems like the world is been covered with darkness. Humans had the brains to know what is right and wrong, but we use it to destroy our mother earth, killing animals, destroying each other, and worse death. 

Imagine how "The Walking dead" started as fighting with Zombies but the real villains in the story was not the Zombies, but us HUMANS. 

You open your television, all you see is bad news, all you hear is fighting about a certain island, certain power, certain place in the politics, and even worse the number of people killing just to be alive, or the number of people being killed just because "JUST BECAUSE" there emotions are out of control, or just simply anger. 

Terrorism, the eagerness to kill the innocent, the hunger for wanting that POWER of being on top. You look at them with questions, "What happened to this people? How can they not feel remorse, or empathy? Why does this things should happen?" 

I question why? God created the world, for unity and peace, He made us humans for us to understand that the life we borrowed is so precious that we should follow the path of goodness in order for the world to be a better place for our children's children. 

Humans are created to think. But as time passes by, the world gets darker and the place you live in feels like its not safe anymore. And you just sit there and wonder why, it looks so sad. 

Despite of those questions, ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE of the world you live in, there are thousands of Good news to read, lot's of inspiring stories to be heard and a lot of goodness to celebrate. No matter how darkness try to fill in our souls, there is always LIGHT. That path on where you can see the significance of one's true happiness. That in every storm, there will always be a rainbow, and on every rainbow there's a pot of gold. 

It's on us to choose to be happy, to be peace with life, and to be the son's and daughters of unity. There are a lot of good things that is happening in our world. There are still a lot of people fighting for the life of the environment, 

I pray and hope that as our technology progress, our progress to a brighter, fruitful and peaceful tomorrow would be bigger. That every race, face, age, gender would be accepted equally. Because all of us are gifts from the heavens above. :D 

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