Monday, July 25, 2016

#DenimCitizens #SMYOUTH

Flowing denims on the run! Last Saturday, July 23, 2016, was the last fashion show of SM YOUTH’s Denim Citizens. Leading the fashion show was SM Youth’s ambassadors, Janna Tee, Richard Juan, Kaila Estrada, Kylie and DJ Carlo Antendido (who gives the fashion show an upbeat roar of style), it shows different denim styles from pants to jackets and tops, a new wave of denim fashion line for the youth.

The fashion show was like a huge comeback of jeans. Jeans have a part of our daily fashion trends, it was like way back in high school, where you and your friends just only match your shirt with your "Old kupas jeans" or your Super slick jeans :D Its classic statement will not only make you standout effortlessly but it will boost the inner edgy rocker, girly girl, that cutie lad, kawaii chick or just the simple you. To spice up the denim fever, there are also cool patches on the jackets design that will make you go giddy with kawaiinesssss:D 

After the fashion show, fans who have availed jeans from SM would have the chance to meet and greet their favorite SM Youth ambassador.  Since we only sat for free we didn’t expect that we could also have a chance to have our pictures taken with them. Thank you Lord for this one lucky day! They all have big smiles on their faces as they greeted us. I kinda feel bad because I only knew Richard Juan (PBB and Foreignoy) but seeing them face to face made me wanted to click, like and follow them on their social media accounts J

Olalala… I wanted to be like her!Hello Ms. Jo Ann Bitagcol

Brent Javier! I remember when I used to see him on magazines and catalogues when I was young. Gosh! He never aged L

Pretty Kaila Estrada

This Lad looks like Kyle XY :D
My only decent photo of Richard :D

HIHIHIH GROUPFIE with the SM YOUTH AMBASSADORS! You guys are totally awesome!!

Overall it was a blasssssst (insert Barbie's voice) :D

Bonus! :D
Hahaha my awkward selfie with Brent Javier

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Untitled - By janine Kaye

The bridge is nowhere to be found
The sight of dreams that was molded from innocence
Currently scared of what the world is offering
And somehow stuck in believing

Melodies of hundreds of achievers
Ached my heart for I was nowhere to be found
Because here I am still dancing on that same phase
Where I was trapped in this fantasy race.

I looked around and asked for help
But no one lend a hand except for a friend
Whispers of acknowledgement
Made me stronger

For here I am
Trying to change the phase of my song
I may cry tons of pain
But I know one day there is something I could gain

So if one day you would feel down and sorrowful
Move and make your change
You can do it
We can all do it!

Monday, July 11, 2016


Hi guys! My best friend has been preparing an event for her son and she asked me for some handmade souvenirs that is not that expensive but still looks attractive to the eyes.  Since I have been recycling some old stuffs and making it into something new, I remember how my mom used to tell me about “Tipid tips”. The best way to not actually spend much on your products but to find ways for a cheaper materials for your crafts.

So here’s a “TIPID” DIY for moms out there J

A bottled cup DIY souvenir J

Before creating my design... I have shown my best friend my weird art :)))) 

Thank you for taking your time reading my DIY until next time!:)