Friday, November 27, 2015

Yexel Toys Museum - Manila Ocean Park :)

Mas Masarap talaga maging bata!

No worries just fun! 

My childhood friend and I visited the Amazing Stories of Yexel's Museum located at the second floor level of Manila Oceans' Park. I was really excited when she told me about the 99 pesos discount that the museum offer until November 29. I was on the hype since visiting this place makes me feel happy and giddy because it's toys!!! :) 

Upon entrance, a bunch of minions would greet you with their adorable smiles and charm :)

and then there's the spider. :)

A man and a Horse

and then Legolas :) <3 

and the Iron Man

and the Father :) hihihihi

It's really nice to actually experience it yourself :) You and your family would truly enjoy the whole fun day experience. :)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Monomola Lip Tattoo :)

Howdy!  Having a hard time with lipsticks that sticks, no more worries because Lip tattoo is here to turn those worries away! Sounds like an advertisement ha! Lip tattoo is a bit of a trend for girls nowadays. The stress of lip marks is all over!

So this lip tattoo can be found everywhere especially online! A lot online seller have been introducing this products and it becomes very handy for girls my age ( I mean ladies).

I just kinda find it a bit confusing where it actually came from, is it from Korea or in China. There are websites that shows Monomola in Korea ( and in China (, nevertheless the product still gave a huge impact on me.

Tried Cherry Red 
At first I was a little scared using this color since I feel like it wont match my skin tone... 
the Lip tattoo has it's watery texture, so BEING CAREFUL is a must!

It's takes 15 minutes to dry. 

Once it's dry you can peel off the tint and say hello to your new set of lips! hahaha.. 


Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Last few days ago, November 13, our world had been shocked by the terrorism attacks that had occur in Paris, and little do we know there are also another attacks that happened in Baghdad (funeral bomb) and Beirut (suicide bombing). At the same time, it also shook us upon hearing another earthquake had happened in Japan and in Mexico.

Prayers all around the world had gather in hope for peace, prosperity, guidance, strength and safety of all human kind.

Praying that our world would find peace and unity without resorting to violence or terrorism attacks.

But as the same time our world is also shaken by disasters that we humans had caused. Last night as I was browsing the net, a 15 minute rain had caused Jeddah, KSA to flood, marking it's 7th or 6th time since 2009, where heavy floods turn deadly . My prayers to my family and friends living in Jeddah, that they are well and safe.

This time, our mother nature is screaming down at us, to take care of her, to let her be peaceful again, to let her be that place where everyone is safe and sound.

Praying that we could find solemnity in a place we call home. Lets not only educate our children to be a better citizen and child of the world, but we as adults to be an epitome of responsibility and good will. To be an inspiration to our youth, rather than being sorry that because of us the earth has been destroyed.

All our prayers for the world had made us hold each others hand for PEACE and UNITY and for all safety against calamities. I hope that it won't end here.

Lastly, I pray, together with all of you, that all the tragedies happening in our world today would soon surpass. Because our home is a beautiful place were we could smile about the simplest things life. No Hate just love :)


"Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one" - JOHN LENNON


They said that the only thing I could do is dream.
To sit and stare at the stars wishing for those dreams to fall in front of me. 

The thing is, they never knew how battle-some this journey was. 
I travel with HOPE in my heart 
and Never stop even if rain gets by.  

They blew me away with criticisms and rejections
Will never ever be successful because I was weak.
Thinking of a disease that couldn't be cure
So they brush me away as if I never occur.  

Despite everything, I still look up in the sky and smile brightly
He's gentle yeses, guide me through this whirlwind storm of doubts
I was almost drowning with this fears and sorrows
But He blew me again, with strength, courage and Hope on my sleeves. 

Hope, what a beauty?
It makes everyone feel so Alive
HOPE... can blinded the simplest joy I could have
HOPE... Makes me hold on
but HOPE can also make me fade out.... 
But here I am again, staring at those stars
Forgetting all those scars 
Starting back again
and will always be ready for another storm to come....

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Howdy Friends! Here I am again with my newest hobby to share! I have always loved doing crochets ever since. Making crochet cell phone cases are one of the easiest things I have done with my yarns, but that was way way back when I was schooling. Crochet school projects makes me excited by I'm just so lazy to do it!

I love crochets but was never into making it into a full blast hobby. But out of the blue I was just inspired by my favorite artist Oh Seung Ah from Rainbow to make more art from yarn.

(Hihih.. Fangirl Alert!)

During my birthday month, I just took time cleaning my craft box and saw some of my yarns when I was still in high school. Instead of stocking them for longer time in my box, I have decided to do some creations out of my yarns! And I have been doing this for almost two months! (This is MADNESS!)

It all started with this cute beanie for my little Chloe, Mark and baby :) Learned some few stitches from Flying Mio's ( DIY Crochet Mint Bear  Cozy Travel mug :) You can check out some of her DIY's on her YT account :D

After learning some basics, I started making my very first crochet scarf! Took me weeks to finish it since I was a bit busy, well, I guess I'm also so lazy to do it!:) Hihihih... Made it with all the love in the world! hahaha :D

And then back to Amigurumi plushies! I'm just a little bit scared that the acrylic paint I used for their eyes will be removed, so I am really quite unsure about the acrylic. But it gave life to their eyes :) 

I also made a Chloe amigurumi version hihihii :)

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Wedding!

And Now I Hear the Bells! :)

Congratulations to the newly wed couple! Can't believe that this day had finally come, and you guys have set a new day to conquer the journey of the married life. Time really flies, from dreaming of Peter Pan, Prince Charming, Prince and Princess, Lovely Maiden, you guys have already found your "The Once Upon a Time"

This is really is it!:) 

Two days before the wedding, I was kinda worried about being late to the event. Since I lived miles away from her house I can't just grasp how many hours or minutes will it take me to travel. But as soon as the day had already come, time had suddenly burdened me when the clock strikes at 5:30. 
Nevertheless my mom and I arrived on time:) hihihi....

I'll be posting few photos of the day since some photos are meant for surprise :) hihih...I'll be posting almost everything soon! But for now, here are some snapshots of my best friend's wedding :D


The lovely bride :D

Look at those smiles!

Officially Mr. and Mrs. De Plata

Le Familia and Friends :)


I couldn't help but to smile seeing this two super in love with one another. I couldn't help but to feel as if this two are just playing couples, and just practicing how a wedding is supposed to be. After months of preparation, they have each other to hold on too. From two human beings, fell in love, and now preparing for the next adventure in their life as husband and wife. This long message couldn't express how happy I am that you guys have found each others heart. Congratulations Dan and Julie!

The Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor :)

My simple wedding gift for the newly weds! :)

My handmade Souvenir :D

Once again congratulations Unnie! :) Don't worry, even if you're already in the sea of married life, I'll always be here to talk to you when you're bored at night :) May this love lasts till your hair turns to gray. And I hope that you guys would have a prosperous life together as one! :)
From your little radcliffe girl :)