Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Shades it up! :)

Howdy friends! :) Hello Summer! Today's DIY is super dooooooper easy! :) Define easy!
all you need is:
1. Sunglasses 
2. Cabochons
3. Glue gun :) 

Step 1: Arrange your cabochons according to your designated design. 
Step 2: Stick your cabochons on your Sunglasses (make sure to stick them properly and be careful while sticking your cabochons on your sunglasses)

Tanan! You're shades are done! :)

Or you can also decorate your shades like this (by putting all the cabochons on the upper layer)

Monday, April 27, 2015


I wish, I wish
I wish on the skies above
At least let this happen
It is what I have been wanting
I have done everything
And tested my beliefs
I wish I wish
That somethings are meant for me,
For that I will never cry
For lost battle I have been
I hate this feeling
Of this endless wishing
Take me to place I have been seeking
Hoping and praying that this wish would come true
I promise to be happy and never wish for something more

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open for you" - Mathew 7:7

 Page 4: Coffee and Tea (Live to Inspire)

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Poetry 101: Sea

I watch over you
As you stare into the blue
You keep tapping your feet
Don’t even know what to seek

Your thoughts is as big as the sea
Thinking about the things you wish you could be
So you wrote a message in that deep blue sea

Look at me now, this is the last piece of me that you will see

PAGE 3 of Coffee and Tea (Live to Inspire)

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Dear YOU,
                I remember how you say our time is ticking, how fast earth moves, from one page to another we are already getting older. We were once this teenagers whose driving passion is to reach our dreams that we forget how to actually live in reality.
                We are packed with encouragement, drive, ambition, faith, achievement and wishes but we were not actually prepared nor even ready what life outside our school walls, sanctuary has to offer.
                Yes, we might strange for others, and it’s quite good and hard to be a bit different, for standing out in a crowd. Or for actually being alone in that crowd. In this passage of life, we see who we can trust, we see who cares for us, we see who stabs us, and we see who we can love and love in return. We see those things to be strong, to be brave but as time passes by we all have deep realizations, understandings that even us couldn’t actually understand and believe.
                Deep thoughts, deep conversations, at the end of the day we drown ourselves with questions we have never asked before, questions we seek, questions facing our daily lives, questions we ourselves couldn’t answer.
                So as you flip through this pages, I wish and I hope that no matter what life has to offer you, questions you have asked, you must always have that burning power to achieve the unexpected. It’s normal to fall, to trip, to get wounded as long as you have the courage to stand up and laugh at some of your mistakes you can do it! Don’t just cry, sit yourself in your room, dream the impossible, but instead DO THE IMPOSSIBLE, move your feet and work hard! Because there are a lot of ways to win in life. Figthing!

PAGE 2: Coffee and Tea (Live to Inspire)

Monday, April 20, 2015


Whatever is written in this page, it is for you to understand that everything you read, everything you see, everything you hear is not about just you alone, but in what life and the world offers you.
We asked questions, tons of questions why life had been a little bit cruel, why it can’t be easy, but to think about the greater picture, because of the questions we asked, we are bound to think of deeper thoughts that we ourselves couldn’t answer, so why ask if we could just go with the flow. Take life smoothly, less questions, less depressions.
I haven’t been in a life we’re I have hit the middle age. But as a 20’s year old I have felt parts of my life where I have been experiencing middle age crisis even if I’m only as young as you are.
But I’m not here to discuss about the analysis of my life or your life, I am here to lift your spirit up, I know we all have this never give up, positive vibes in life, but is it enough to move forward? Is it enough to reach our goals?
This is not your ordinary booklet, nor a picture memory of the things I/ we have been through, but accounts of life that I have been writing for the past few months. Days filled with worries and fears, while others are happiness and cheers but mostly be wilderness and tears and some are just pure love and cares, mostly just a transition of my daily life J

So here I am giving this booklet to you, just to remind you that you are not alone in this life, there’s someone like me who feels the same way and I bet you know it. And to continue writing every memory you wished to for see. Accounts in life you wanted to achieve. So take a pen and write my dear friend! :D

PAGE 1: Coffee and Tea (Live to Inspire)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Baby Shower :)

The Big Surprise!

Last March 30, 2015, my friends and I went to surprise our best friend and soon to be mother Roxanne! Our Ate message me in the middle of my daydream to organize a baby shower just for Roxanne to make her astonishingly happy and surprised. I immediately texted my other friends for the surprise Baby Shower (Yes, Super Secret). As soon as everyone had agreed, we all went crazy thinking about the motif, what to do, what food and what gifts to bring! Good thing everything went well and smoothly as plan!:) It was quite funny when all of us almost ignore every text and messages that she send us "Aren't you guys going to visit me?". Yes, were all faking it! And it work!:)

Proper timing! Before our Ate message me, we already made a mini photoshoot for our Mom to be and thank you for timing, her Photoshoots ended up really well for our mini portfolio :)

Photography by: Gela Francisco

Photography by yours truly :)




Baby Souvenirs handmade by me! :) 

To our Dear Roxanne, 
We really hope you enjoy our mini baby shower for you :)

Thank you to everyone who took part in this mini Baby Shower, especially Tita Noemi for entrusting us with our surprise and thank you ate and kuya for flying all the way from Canada just to see Roxieboo! :) Lastly, to A-team! Thank you :)