Monday, September 16, 2013

A minute with Nikki Gil :)

Yesterday was one of the most unforgettable experience I had.... It was not just a dream come true but something I would always treasure for the rest of my life and an advance birthday present from God :)

The fan swapping experience was something I never thought would happen. A girl like me who obviously don't trust myself went on thinking that I won't win this contest because I was late to submit. But hello fate, the contest was extended until September 12, 2013...... and hello dream come true :)

Ms. Corrs of ASAP called me and told me that I won Nikki Gil's fanswap.... I really wanted to scream out loud but I can't so after our conversation I went jumping like crazy and screaming like a weird fan girl from the outer space... 

Finally the day has come... :)
ahjussi! thank you for taking this photo! sa lahat ng tao ikaw nakapanood! thank you uncle!

My fan art :) 
and my answer for the fanswap question :)

"I am her number one fan because of a lot of reasons... First, she finished her studies despite of her busy schedules as an actress/singer/tvhost/MyxVJ... Second, she never forgets to say thank you for all the blessings she have been receiving since then and never forgets to include her family, friends, supporters and God in pursuing her dreams. Third, she shares her knowledge and experiences to the less fortunate with the help of world vision..Lastly is even if she had been into rough time these past few weeks she still handled herself well, and still shares a lot of smiles for others....

She just not inspires people but she also entails us the value of being God Fearing, Family oriented and a responsible human being. I am her number one because she’s is not just Beauty and Brains but she has a heart of gold that is Glowing inside :)"

photo grab from Nikki Gil onsite :) :D

thank you forever ate Nikki Gil! :) hoping to see you ulit soooooon :) thank you for always inspiring me ate! :) hihihih... More happy blessings and happy years for you!!! :)