Sunday, April 23, 2017

Korean Drama Feels: PINAY STYLE (PART1)

"Inspired by Anagon's polaroid photo style-"

Being a KDrama fan is HARD. As in capital H-A-R-D, the long hours of streaming Korean Drama's on net, or asking a friend from some links of what's new is a tough job (huwaaat, tough job), I am only open with my likeness to this Korean feels here in my blog or in my twitter account, I am having a hard time sharing it, well partially, I wanted to say o hey, I like that Kdrama tooooooo.....hihihi... to skip this prologue, being a Kdrama fan requires long hours of eyes completely focus on your computer or tv screens, and its a mess, tons of late nights, fatty acids and eye bags.

Because of my infatuation with Kdrama's (Princess Hours would be always my super FAVE). I always dream that one day, just one day I can see Korea and re-live my fantasy trap in a Drama.

SINCE I still don't have the funds of traveling to Korea, my beloved Perlas ng Silanganan can still be a place where I can or re-live my Kdrama life :)You and I can still feel the Kdrama Fever here ala "Filipina Style" besides there are also stalls, coffee shops and more that still has that Korean vibe.

1. Buying Korean RAMEN - if you lack funds because Korean Ramen is a bit expensive than our National Canton, we can still enjoy our Ramen style mode with our very own"Lucky Me Pancit Canton", we can take at any time of the day and Pansit Pinoy has different flavors to choose on! "Mapasabaw pa or tuyo!Kahit samahan mo pa ng itlog o kaya ipalaman sa tinapay"

Quick CHow :)

2. Miniso - If you want to feel like your Ji Eun Tak for a moment, you can visit Miniso Philippines branch and enjoy the place with different affordable stuffs (not to mention its cutenesss!) 
unfortunately there is no Mr. Buckwheat stufftoy offered here in MINISO Philippines, but do not worry, because there are other cute stuffs in Miniso that you would like! :)

Like this! 

BUT Don't ya worry! You can still find Mr. Buckwheat here in the Philippines! Just Visit WEDO Korean Store and Mr. Buckwheat will say HI! 

thanks Mommy for taking this PHOTO :D

3. Dunkin Donuts- what's not to like from our favorite "pambansang pasalubong!" Just like Lee Jongsuk and Jin Seyeon characters in Doctor Stranger, you can enjoy eating donuts with your friends here! Barkada date mode :) "Kape-Kape din pag may time!"

4. Bookstore - one of my favorite places at the mall! Just like Mirae, you can "ALMOST" meet or cross paths with your destiny here! Just don't be too focus reading and browsing your soon Favorite book :) hahahaha "Cge ka, dumaan na sa harap mo, yumuko ka pa" okay now I forgot what Filipino Movie line is this!
"Pero sabi nga nila 'Books before boys'" 

5. The Body Shop - "Kung gusto mong forever na ang iyong kabataan, halika at yayain kita" #GOBLINSTYLE! HAHAHA.... Oh well, I'm sure your going to be trap in this surreal world of beauty and start thinking when did this Goblin feels started! :) 
I just hope they can offer this White Musk here in the Philippines :) "Para everyday Goblin style" :D

6. Arcades - Like Dr. Crush and Bok Joo, of course we have our very own arcades like Toms' World, Time Zone, World of Fun, Q Power Station Etc., that we can enjoy with our friends and family :)

How I Wish I am as good as Dr. Jihong!!!

Bawal ang LATE!!! 

HAHAHA THAT HYE JUNG MOMENT :) Thanks brother for this shot :D

7. 7 ELEVEN - The 24 hours convenient store that you can find almost every "Kanto" in your area (well, slight lang, hihihi basta after how many blocks you can spot a 7 eleven). We may not have this triangular Kimbap in our 7 eleven like our handsome Sunbae (who practiced how to open a kimbap), we can enjoy our lunch, dinner or meryenda that is "swak sa bulsa" Pinoy Ulam for a cheaper price. For only 29php may giniling ka na. But of course there's more KANIN rather than there's more ULAM :DDDD

Of course it's not just about Kdrama's but also our Oppa's advertisements :) ahahahaha
Park Bogum - Coca-Cola
I'm not really a soda person, but because of Bogum maybe I'll try! hahaha Joking! I literally can't even take one sip! Huhuhuhbeelllsss 
Ano beyen <3

Lee Jong Suk - Gong Cha 
One of my favorite Milk Tea'sssss! :) And Namsooonie is Korea's Gong Cha Model! :) <3 <3

"Pero syempre, iba pa din ang feeling pag nandun ka"but for now, I just need to enjoy everything my eyes could see. I always believe that one day this dream would all come true :) I hope I'm still young and groovy when everything I dream for comes to place :) Gaya ng sabi ni Lee Je Hooon Ahjussi sa Signal 
Kaya AJA! :) MANIWALA!:) There's nothing wrong in pursuing your dreams.... We just really need to work hard for it! :) 

So here's my KOREAN DRAMA FEELS:PINAY STYLE (Part 1) "at talagang balak ko pa mag part 2 :)))" 

One day! Makakamayan ko din ang mga Ahjussi at Oppa ng timeline ko :) hahahaha


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Food Review: Korean Grain Crispy Roll

Just wanna share this super quick review of this Korean Snack called Grain Crispy Role. It is a low calorie and healthy product that is suitable for kids, and can be one of the diet food for men and women. This snack is not fried with oil, but you can still feel the crisp and taste that yummy snack bar without thinking of how many calories are getting in your system. 

It is made with corn, black bean, black sesame, pea, mugbean, black rice, yam, barley, adzuki bean, buckwheat, millet, rice, sorghum, soybean, sesame seed. 

It's not fried, it's baked :)

TASTE: Well, it taste like the green"Snacku" chips that I always eat when I was young. There's also like a semi cream taste corn in the middle of the Crispy Roll. It's really suitable for people who wants to maintain their diet..... because if it was me, gosh I can finish the whole pack. "Hindi nakakabusog, pang chicha lang talaga" hahahaha.  

You can buy this product in Amazon, or you can ask your friends and family to buy it for you as "pasalubong"

PS> special thanks to my cousin for sharing this to uuuuusss :D
until next time!

10 Korean Kdrama Foods :)

Kdrama has been one of the things me and my family used to do on our free time. We spend the night bawling our eyes with every episode and almost perfecting the art of fast reading. So today, I'll be posting 10 of the Kdrama food that is basically notable in Korean Drama :) 

1. RAMEN :) - This kdrama food is always present in every drama. It's like if your hungry, take a noodle and eat :) Because of this, it's impossible to not live the Korean drama feel while watching a K-drama. ONE RAMEN PLEASE! :)

2. Sausages!
Notable moments was on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. 

3. Kimbap
Whether it's rolled or cut, it's all about KIMBAP!
Usually this is one of the Kdrama foods where a girl makes her oppa some lunch, or food that they sell on the streets when money crisis calls. 

Exhibit A. FULL HOUSE When Song Hye Kyo's character in Full House makes Kimbap for her Fake husband RAIN :)

Exhibit B. When Miso (Crazy Love) makes Kimbap so she can sell it on the streets :)

Kimbap can also be seen in triangular shape :) hihihihi

4. Bibimbap
Korean Mixed Rice with Meat and vegetables. The first time I saw Bibimbap was when I watched Stars falling from sky, and for the first time  I didn't understand why they place the food into a huge "palangana" where they mixed all the ingredients and becomes red fried rice hohohoho

5. Kimchi 
the most traditional (banchan) side dish in Korea :D

Picture taking na! say KIM CHI! "snap" hihihihih
remember this famous Kimchi slap in "Everybody Kimchi"?
that surely hurts!

6. Sweet Potato 
The Kdrama I saw with sweet potatoes :)
That moment when Pal Gang and Attorney Kang Ha went home after a troublesome day (SUPER FUNNY SCENE!)

the Goblin likes it toooooo

7. Fried Chicken
Who doesn't love Fried Chicken!

8. Jajangmyeon 
Korean Chinese noodle dish topped with thick sauce
The food for singles! According to Koreans, it's the main food eaten by singles on Black day. An unofficial holiday on the 14th of April.

9. Heotteok

A popular street food in Korea. KOREAN PANCAKES! 

10. Korean BBQ
it's like all the food you can eat! hohohohoho

And now I am starving! I hope you guys like my post about my top 10 Korean Drama Food :)
Until my next post!

Calling my swag friends! Lez Eat!