Monday, September 18, 2017

Selena Gomez by Janine Kaye

She came to me like a love song
Didn’t know she was this strong
Her words are like melodies
Trying to push away my remedies
All she wished was to fulfill her dreams
Little did she know she had filled someone’s fantasies?

Her voice was like the light
Of children who feel losing the fight
She hummed in those sweet tunes
Like a beautiful rose that blooms
Her smile shines the brightest
That makes her glow as the finest.

Despite of the struggles she had faced
She face them without a trace
She stood up and let her troubles fade
As she gives an advice to her fighting youth
She once whispers to me and said
Never give up, your beautiful and worth it.

So I thank you for everything you said
I treasure it like it was kept in a thread.
You would never know me for I am a part of the millions
Who cheers you behind this computer screens
So I wrote this poetry
To that person who made me dream big

Her name is Selena Gomez
And I wanted to tell you this
“I got your back even if I am seas away.
You are my inspiration and I hope that you’ll remain strong.
For I have been working on my dreams
Because of the message you give miles away from me.
Thank you! We are going to be strong for you!”

Advance Birthday Celebration with friends!

Define Surprise! Ever since I was growing up, I was the one who makes surprises for my friends because it was one of the least I can do (well, I am always awed at all times and I always get surprises) but this time it's for my birthday, not yet my actual birthday but hoohohoh lucky girl!

I was on my way to St. Claire which is actually the one and only meeting place my best friend and I meet, I was never expecting that one of our closest friends would be there all the way from Saudi Arabia and the funny moment was when she was talking to her I thought it was just an overseas call but after minutes of being on stand by Eunice came with a flashy smile on her face and I couldn't believe my eyes! 

After meeting one another, our next stop was at the SMX convention hall for Manila International Book Fair 2017. It took us a very long drive due to major traffics and all. As soon as we arrived at MOA, our hungry stomachs made a message that we should better dine in first before exploring books!

Dine in at Mary Grace! :) 

After having dinner, we immediately went to SMX :) The place is like a dream for us! Since it's all our first time! There's so many books to choose from, even educational toys! And it feels like we're all playing in the sea of knowledge and books! :) There are also mini exhibits for you to see and book signing events for you to attend. But we're just there hahaha enjoying the place with our tickets flashing! :)

After our MIBF moments, we went straight ahead to the "Grove" to meet the whole barkada and some happy birthday singing :) hihihihi

Our birthday Cakes, one's for me and the other one's for Tin! <3

bwhahahaahah :) Kinikilig si aqoewh

:) <3 :) 

SURPRISE MEET UP! Eunice! Welcome back ulit! NASHOCK talaga ako! Akala ko talaga nakaLONGDISTANCE call ka lang kay PHOEBE! Kinikilig me! THANK YOU NG BONGGGGA HA! September Babies! Happy Birthday NAVALTA! 26 na tayo! hihihih Wishing you all the success in life! MHARG hahahaha ang mystery caller ng gabi! hihihi natawa ako sa mga sinabi mo sakin hahahaha at Cher HAHAHA sa sobrang short notice ang BILIS mong nakadating   grand entrance pa!  hihihi 
At sympre sa punong abala... at sa taong paulit ulit kong sinabi "Pare uuwi akong maaga" at sa paulit ulit mong pagsabi "WAG" kaya pala! hahahaha Thank you pare ha! ikaw na talaga ang magaling sa leading assignment na ganito! SALAMAT din sa Pa Candles at cake namin ni TIN! Love you!!


PONDS ACNE CLEAR and WHITE BEAUTY REVIEW. My cousin gave me a bunch of Ponds facial wash last July because she said I need it for my skin. Since I am still using another facial wash, I am quite hesitating to use it, because way back in college Ponds product didn't work for me. It made my face rougher than it used to be (as in so many pimples to see). So I am also afraid that it would do the same to me like what happened before. 

Pero sayang naman kung di ko gagamitin, 6 pieces din yun. I tried using one after I have finished my current facial wash. Unlike before, this facial wash is swabe sa skin, it's smoothly feeling gives you a fresher and cleaner look after using it. And totoo sabi ni Nadine, the pimple marks I once had slightly say good bye within weeks and no "powder required" you'll be feeling fresh all day! Not just that it can also give you a rosy cheeks whenever the sun says hi to you! You would also notice that you're getting fairer. 

I have been using this since early July and it's something I can really say "effective". Your face may adjust to product "kasi maglalabasan talaga ung mga pimples mong nagtatago" but after that, it would slowly say good bye. 

What I was really scared about was the Acne clear, and I was doubting about it "baka di gumana sakin" but at the same time why not try it, "hiyang ako dun sa isa". I just started using it this month, and the progress was really fine. I am no longer having unwanted zits, and it's really clearing the places that is needed to be cleared. Tama sabi ni Julia Barretto :) hahahaha
Since I have been using Ponds product for a only a few months, so I am still on the process of seeing more of it's effectiveness and I can say that my face is accepting Ponds product. :) For now this is my face, hahaha... :) 

Honey Bear Bakery

So Kawaii!! My fambam and I visited Honey Bear Bakery at SM Fairview simply to feed my Kawaii feels. Honey Bear Bakery just opened a few weeks ago and I am so excited to try their yummy sweets and breads. With their opening promo, they are offering Buy 2 Breads and Get 1 Free and 10% percent discount in all items!Honey Bear Bakery is located at the Upper Ground Floor Annex Area beside Mang Inasal.
Here are some of the Photos my brother has taken for me :D

If you guys wanted some cute times, especially when your favorite cafe is in jam pack mode you can visit this kawaii cafe and taste their affordable and yummy food and drinks! :) 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Stewardess

She sat at the passenger seat
Staring at the window as we speak
She would recall those memories
Of how the world had let her see

She would fly back and forth
From the Middle East to Europe
With those unforgettable smiles
And Outfit of the day flashes

She tells stories of those once upon a time
And make you travel as if it was in your realm
She would laugh at her own jokes
And still continue to laugh until she chokes

She would whistle smokes in the air
With a drink on her left
And suddenly she would utter
“Life is not easy but I am thankful it’s mine”

She’s one of those girls
Who’s tougher than the boys?
But she has a heart of a child
Waiting for someone who could open her heart

She sat at the passenger seat
Listening to the mellow music as we speak
She would recall those memories
On how we gave her those cheers! J

Friday, September 15, 2017


The Koosh Ball
As I was walking down the road
I had never felt so much cold
I was wondering about something
But I was not even thinking

As the wind travels through my body
I stopped, I stared, and I paused.
The memory I was once holding
Has already forgotten

I force myself to remember
Of that one time in December
And then unknowingly,
I have reached for you

Squeeze you into my palms
And soothe all those unchained collections
Those seconds, those blackouts, those awes
The thoughts I couldn’t see came back to me.

So I took all those wisdom
And write it out in the clouds
The words I have forgotten
Came back into life in an instant

I toss those feelings in the air
As I feel you back into my hands
I could never thanked you

For bringing back those thoughts of you once again J

Monday, September 11, 2017

15 Signs na Kinain Ka na ng Sistema ng K-Drama

Hello Guys! My blog about KDRAMA lifeu is posted in Candy Mag Online Portal! And I'm like EEEEEEEP! 

Because of my Kdrama Feels, I couldn't help how Kdrama's had made me so connected to each episode that I have reasoned my symptoms. Huwat! "Symptoms" talaga! I guess you guys can feel me! "Alam kong makakarelate kayo" :D

Back in the day, Korean drama was basically ruled by Winter SonataLovers in ParisFull HousePrincess Hours, and all the Tagalized versions on TV. Nowadays, they're more accessible to us, which means it's also easier to get dragged into the K-Drama black hole. Here are the signs you already are.
  1. You can't help but get excited whenever you hear or see the word "Korea."
  2. You call your mom and dad eomonnie and abbeoji. You even use ahjussi and agasshi or call your siblings oppa or unnie.
  3. You use Korean expressions like "aigoo" (oh my), "ottoke" (what to do), "andwe" (no way), or "gwaenchannayo" (are you okay). 
  4. You use songs from K-Dramas for your life's biggest moments.
  5. You talk about K-Dramas like you know them by heart.
  6. You eat ramyeon like a boss.
  7. You look for some K-Drama merchandise here in the Philippines and tell the vendors to just take your money.
  8. You take every episode seriously to the point of rewatching them a thousand times just to understand every single thing. "SUBTITLES is LIFE!" 
  9. You never take the second lead guy for granted and love him as much as the lead guy
  10. You show awkward aegyos anytime, anywhere that your friends think your just pabebe.
  11. Your style is very Korean that you almost dress like your unnies and oppas.
  12. You can't patiently wait for the next K-Drama to start.
  13. Your heart breaks when your unnie and oppa come here for a fan meet, but you don't have enough money to buy a ticket!

  14. You find it hard to leave a fandom even when a K-Drama has already ended.
  15. Your biggest dream is to go to South Korea to feed your K-Drama feels!