Monday, March 6, 2017

Top 10 toys in Kdrama :D

Kdrama series have been notable when it comes to making their viewers flutter and feel the same thrill the characters are in. At the same time, their cute merchandise can make their viewers even more hooked with the series because of it's cute, remarkable one of a kind features. So I have lists the top 10 dolls that I have seen in a Kdrama.

1. Descendants of the suns - Who would forget the cafe moment between Captain Yoo Si Jin and Sergeant First Class Seo Daeyoung :D

2. Goblin - Hello Mr. Buckwheat :D the doll that Ji Eun Tak pointed at the MINISO store. 

3. Legend of the Blue Sea - the sweet little pink octopus that Shim Chung liked so much. 

4. Princess Hours - The crown prince's Lee Shin teddy bear. 

Additional: The human size cushion that Chae Kyung Shin owns, with Lee Shin's photo in it. 

5. The Heirs. The blue owl that can give your hands in warm during winter :D

6. Oh my Venus

7. My Lovely Kim Sam Soon -Pig Plushie

8. Rooftop Prince 

9. To the Beautiful You - Blue Monster Doll

10. He is Beautiful 


Master Suns - Dinga Cat

Coffee Prince - Eun Chan Soft toys

Boys Over Flowers Purple Cat

Tomorrow Cantibille 

Fated to love you - Okcat

Mary Stayed out all night

Heart Strings - Couple Bear 

Prime Minister and I

Cheongdamdong Alice

and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
Hihihi JUST JOKING... Edited my little Chloe with the Swag Couple :D


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