Monday, June 24, 2019

Xing Fu Tang Milk tea

Another Milk Tea has come to town! My best friend and I tried Xing Fu Tang Milk Tea at Greenhills and we're both happy with the taste! My best friend whose actually a coffee master (because she's very good when it comes to all sorts of coffee), is kind of venturing into Milk Tea Nowadays! 

I love Milk Tea but I guess she's more of the Milk Tea Adventurer! Because it's my first time, I took some shots at Xing Fung Tang!

The big Kawali of PEARLS!!!

Tried our luck with some fortune drawers!

Tried Xi Fu Tang's Brown Sugar and happy us! Oh and before actually drinking, we need to twirl it like 18 times!!! 

Mixing our taste buds with this yummy pannacota from Cibo

After long hours of chilling and talking, eto na kami Kulay MILKTEA!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Bloggers United 2019

Hi guys! Another late Post from me! HIHIHIHI.. This is a very busy month for me, so I tried my best to take some little time to write about my Bloggers United 2019 experience! Bloggers United happened last June 1, 2019 at the City of Dreams Manila. 

I was still exhausted after my last shoot on the Night of May 31, I was thinking whether my body can manage to get up or if I could travel all the way to City of Dreams! But then I did! I was almost tooooo late for my free ticket due to enormous traffic but then again I did! hahahaha

My first stop is my Korea In Manila Unnies! Special thanks to Ashley for the free ticket! If it wasn't for her, I wont be able to attend their event! hihihihih :):

The twinning unnies!

Ava. Ana.Ashley

Vernice and Vern enciso

Janeeeeena Chan meets JANINE :)

Victor Basa <3

Aggy and Nina!! <3

It only took me 30 minutes to actually roam around the event hall. But it was worth it! 
By the way here's a little video I have compiled at the Bloggers Event

Once again to Ashley, Ava, and Ana, thank you so much for always accommodating me and for being the coolest! Hoping to see you guys again soon! hugs and kisses! :) and to my best friend thank you! :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

50th Grand Reunion Batch1969

Hi everyone! Wooh! What a day? Summer's already over and for me there's still a lot of things to do on my list! And I can say that I am very much lucky to experience the little things and miracles in life. Before May Ends, I have the chance to attend my Lola's Grade 6 reunion and as their official photographer/videographer. I really thought that my energy would drain too much because I have never covered a whole day event as a photographer. But I was wrong, yes, it was tiring but it was fun watching everyone!

As soon as everyone came to greet one another I have felt their reminiscing moments when they we're younger, the hugs, the kisses, the excitement, after 50 long years they have finally saw each other! I was secretly thinking who's the "Crush ng Bayan", the Love teams, the secret admirers or crushes, I felt like I was on the same line of their younger years and I'm really happy  seeing them and imagining what it will be like if it's in my own reunion. And as I sip my tea typing this words to you I feel the words in my head "Isn't it lovely? Seeing each other after a long time" as I cradle my crochet bag and cuddle my cat (hahahha I think I'm thinking too fast about my senior years when I'm only 27!) hahahahahaha

And imagine after 50 long years, they still had the chance to thanked their teachers who made them for who they are today! Not just that! Their teachers still had the groove of dancing and singing!!!

Anyways, I enjoyed the day! I never saw my Lola dance!!! When I was younger, I had the image of her being super strict and I was scared at the back of my head! But seeing her perform was the first! Hahahahaa....

Despite of me just taking photos and videos, I have captured the smiles that would last a lifetime! I remember the closing remarks as he said, "We we're once the millenials! We we're Baby Boomers, we used to say that we're different from our parents generation, but we will always be those Baby Boomers who had so much time to do a lot of things!"

As I reflect (hwaut?! reflect talaga!) They were once kids like us. They were also defining their generation from the older generations. I think as the children of today we must redefine our generation by simply thanking them because if it wasn't for our grand parents, parents generation we wouldn't be here experiencing this life we had. Yes, it's nice reminiscing the old days when everything is simpler but at the same time it's also nice to guide them with our fast phase life styles :)

Monday, February 25, 2019

My Kdrama Feels at Enchanted Kingdom!

Hi everyone! I'm back with another Kdrama Feels! I am super excited to share this to everyone! My fambam and I went to Enchanted Kingdom last Sunday, February 24, 2019, special thanks to my brother for the free tickets! I am not really into amusement parks; good thing we got some free tickets or else the money that I'll be paying for the park is definitely a waste! (Define sayang talaga siya sakin!)

Way back when I was 16, (during my very first EK experience), all I can say is that I am the only one in my family who doesn't have a smile on face.... (kasi may sakit ako at lowbat ako to the highest level!) But this time around, nag-enjoy akong maglakad at mag picture hahaha... and mag rides na rin! And to make my EK experience even exciting, I have taken photos of my favorite Kdrama's Series on their Amusement Park dates... 

1. The Log Jump (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)
Remember the amusement park date Do Bong Soon did for Ah Min Hyuk to cheer him up?  Min Hyuk is sooooo cutie patootie in this episode!  

2. The Anchor's Away/Vikings (What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?)
One of the blockbuster dates Mr. Lee had done for Ms. Kim and one of the wish list of Ms. Kim.

3. Carousel (What's Wrong With Secretary Kim)
The only ride that Ms. Kim had truly enjoyed! Raising my hand as well! I love carousels, it makes me feel like a princess! tehee 

4. Jumping Boulder (Black) 
Remember that one date Grim Reaper #444 and Ha Ram did on episode 15. Despite Black being bored at Amusement Parks, he did really enjoyed watching Ha Ram :)

5. Ferris Wheel! (Comeback Ahjussi)
One of the heart aching episodes in this drama, I bawled my eyes out on this particular scene, this scene is when Young Soo (Rain) finds his daughter at the Ferris Wheel where he once promise to bring her. 

6. Bump Car (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)
Another cute scene from Minhyuk and Bong Soon's mini date.

7. Roller Coaster (She Was Pretty)
Another second lead syndrome goes to Kim Shin Hyuk! This was the day before his big reveal as the famous Korean Writer Ten :D

8. Fireworks (Weightlifting Fairy Kimbokjoo)
To end the most magical day of amusement park dates, a magical display of fireworks would top it all of! My kilig heart goes to Bok Joo and Joon Hyung (especially his galawang smooth moves)

Teheee! Thank you for spending your time reading my blog! You can also check my vlog here thanksiessss!! <3