Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dear Ate Bianca Paano Ba To? :)

Paano nga ba to? I remember how I used to scratch my head thinking of the answers for my questions. Questions that doesn't have a direct answer, answers I wanted but I barely don't understand or questions, just questions just popped into my head and doesn't even require answers and BOOOOOM I pushed myself back into my chair saying "Paano ba to?". Then I realize, Nah.... lets just go with the flow!

In the hype of new authors, autobiographies, short stories, novels, fashion, make up, I was so hyped when I found out that Ms. Bianca Gonzalez will be launching her book titled "Paano ba to?". I always love reading her column in Philippine Star "Ten Things You should know about", I even remember when I wrote an email to her to convey my learning's from her articles and even shared some itsybitsy stuffs about the things I wrote, and it was one of the most memorable Christmas Gift I have received in 2011.

As a girl in her early twenties,I simply recommend you to read and of course buy her book! The questions you have asked, the answers you wanted were simply written as if you we're actually having a conversation with her (as if written just for you). It's just up to you on how you're going to step up, learn and move forward! Simply Paano ba to questions are answered.

I, myself had learned a lot from the book itself, even in just one reading. My highlighters had almost accumulate almost a page for the "Remember this Janine note I place on the top of my book". I never stopped reading it again and again to remind me that "If they can do it, I can do it, All I need to have faith in myself, and a little bit of magic, trust and pixie dust... teheeeeee

Saturday morning, March 07, 2015, I have seen on my twitter news feed about Ate Bianca's book signing happening at Powerbooks Taguig, 2pm. I was so excited that I went running down the stairs to tell my mom about the event.

From Novaliches all the way to Taguig, the 1/2 hour commute was all worth it when I saw ate B, in front of my very eyes, it was one of the 1 minute Kilig experience I have in my life time history.

Hellloooooooooo Ms. Artwork! :) I promise to be quiet while waiting in line :D


baby Chloe was also with me during my Taguig Trip :D

The felt doll I made for ate Bianca :D

that Keychain moment :D

That one minute encounter and my awkward pose!


at the same time, my "Chingus" supported me in my fangirling moment!
thank you mommy and jullian for travelling with me! :D

I have learned so many things and will continue to learn more! I will try my best not to focus on myself doubts and weird questions that is not even necessary in my existential. To always keep in mind to be positive and to find all possible ways to achieve that dream, it's okay to fall at least I have the strength to get back in my feet again and keep moving forward. It's okay to get trip basta wag lang flat sa face! (hahaha) Just like what she said in her book "Girl, sayang naman ang binigay na talent ni Lord, kung dahil lang sa isang kalungkutan magpapatalo tayo" Fight lang ng fight! Strive hard! Aim high! If at first you don't succeed try and try again! Ganyan ang motto! Hibdarahib!

Thank you muli ate Bianca! :) 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mother won't be happy :)

Howdy friends! :) How's your day going? I hope everything is going smoothly and well! I'm just going to share one of my happiest moments in this month of March :) Last few months ago, Bates Motel had engage every creative mind to submit their fanarts on their tumblr account here: http://batesmotel.tumblr.com/submitfanart. Since I am a fan of Bates Motel I immediately created one of my Bates Motel art piece. :)  I didn't really know if it's going to be okay or not, I just did my best showing my sewing skills, thinking that I could let Bates Motel followers see my craft. As I was browsing my facebook account, I saw Bates Motel Fan Art Album and out of curiosity I browse the album and went crazy when I saw my fanart! I didn't know what to say nor to expect anything. I was just simply happy.

My very own version of Norman and Norma :) 

Lets skip the prologue and check out some of the Fanarts Posted on their Facebook Account, you can check them all here at Bates Motel on A&E and on their Tumblr account http://batesmotel.tumblr.com/tagged/fan-art :)

Fan art by Sean Loose

Custom art by Akiko Stehrenberger

Fan art by Regine Binuya

Fan art by Regine Binuya

Fan art by Carrie Harkness.

Fan art by Attila Szabo

Fan art by Aaron Williams

Fan art by Almalia Anton.

Fan art by Adee Villarreal.

Fan art by Angelica Koffel.

Fan art by Anne McNulty

Fan art by Anne McNulty

Custom art by Akiko Stehrenberger

Fan art by Steffan Randle.

To add the happiness and excitement, Bates Motel had even released copies of Bates Motel Guest book to be given to different lucky fans and to be a part of the 50 artists, it's one happy experience. They could see my baby dolls come to life with those cute photos. 

You can also check out some blogs here :)

Spotted my babies! :) taken from tumblr @ stella-gaybson 

from tumblr :) @ heyjustlisten


Thank you Bates Motel for the once in a life time opportunity! Thank you for noticing my fan art. And for making us all smile whenever you reply to each and every tweet on twitter! :) My fangirling had taken my art skills to level 10 :) Cheers to the whole entertainment A&E and to the whole Bates Motel Family! :)  More Power!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Anneyeong 678! :)

Howdy Friends! It's been a while! This is going to be my very first time to post about food! hihihi.. I'm actually a food lover! I don't mind getting fat or losing some curves, as long as there is food on the table, hello janine! My best friend and I went on a Bff date last February. Since it's the Valentines month, we decided to make our stomach and mouth busy trying at a Korean Restaurant here in the Philippines, 678 Manila :) The whole restaurant lets you feel as if you're in South Korea. The feeling of a complete resemblance as if you're acting in a Korean Drama. The smell of cooked beef, kimchi stew, different side dishes, and the famous SOJU makes me feel South Korea! So here are some photos I have taken during our Korean Food trip!


Kimchi Stew!!! :) Fave!

No words to express!

Soju... hmmmmmmm.... I still don't understand......


I really had so much fun eating (hahaha yes EATING), despite of me not knowing how to use chopsticks (yes, i had a hard time eating), nevertheless, my best friend and I enjoy and was greatly delightful! Delisyoso! "Bashekta!" 

Until our next food trip!