Saturday, December 27, 2014

Message Bracelets :)

I have been working on my message bracelets since I was very young. Because of my low self esteem, my mom gave me my very first message bracelet with a curving "Believe", that I have turned into a necklace. Yes, having poor self esteem doesn't give me a boost, it pulls me down, flat on the ground. It didn't gice me anything but poor satisfaction of myself. I was even cautious of moving myself because I was so scared to be judge. Having them on my wrist gives me a boost on to never give up on anything, even if the world knocks you down.

Until now, my message bracelets had helped me through a lot of worrying troubles and doubts that I keep reminding myself to be cool (thank you Lord for guiding me). Because of my message bracelets I was guided to keep myself grounded whenever I felt pain, excitement, anguish, doubts and fear.

I was pretty young back then, all I care about was "what is the existential existence I wanted to have?" I don't care if I only have few friends (at least they were real), I don't care if I sat alone in the cafeteria (at least I have the best viand my mom had made), I don't care if I wasn't as good as others (because I'm severely one and only, unique and limited edition). I was pessimistic, yet optimistic. I doubt but I believe. It's kind of complicated to be me. My mind have been into a lot of whirlwind adventures and it's extensively surreal.

Because of the way I think and the way I visualize myself, the people surrounding me thinks I needed someone to talk to for help, it's like I'm terribly crazy living in this real world and kind of trap in my so called reality. Reality check, I'm okay, I just wore this things, make this things, to remind myself to never give up, to be in motion in my faith and to never let go of God's hand. I may have low self-esteem but I can carry myself and can be the best I can be:) Simple as that, but to think that people may go on rationalizations on the way I think is way way over the top.

Here's one thing kids, never lose hope, never give up on something you really want, yes, there's so many obstacles along the corner, all you have to do is be brave, be bold and take those risks. For me, I have this on my hands to serve as a reminder, and sometimes a wake up call that I'm not getting any younger, it's time to move those feet out there and explore the wonders of reality :)

Here are some of my message bracelets samples that I'm sharing with my friends and online friends :)

If you guys want some of my bracelets, you can ORDER some here: