Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chillin with the Best Friend :D

Hi guys! I'll be sharing you another blog about how my best friend had taught me in a lot of ways :D Specifically in life changes. My best friend, Roxanne and I were friends ever since we we're 12. We had major differences but the same in some ways. We we're both shy at first, but when we get to know each other, we we're like "Oh my gosh you're so loud!" She was the youngest in our barkada and the only person who was not shy to showcase her talents to all of us. Not to mention her karaoke songs ala "Sarah Geronimo". 

We used to talk on a daily basis during our childhood, and extend our conversation hours on the phone. It's funny how our never ending stories won't stop even if we have seen each other everyday. And despite of the years pass by, our friendship remains, and our laughter still takes place as if it was only yesterday. Not to mention our extreme clumsiness! 

We all have our weirdness and dreams combine in one. It was like travelling to the outerspace with our eyes wide open. I have seen every tid bits of her life, from laughing, crying, shouting, cursing, panicking, distressed and crazy hihihih.... it would be a major emoji's in one looking! Even in the times of her ups and downs she manage to smile and find her way back to happiness. 

I salute her in many ways. So the woman of the hour would be her! My sista! My beshieboo! 

As I cherish my moments with her with a lot of chilllllinnng and eaaating! Here are the things I have learned from her as time passes by. 

1. "We all make mistakes, we just need to laugh about it, move on and learn from it" - Precisely. We should not be shoveled by our past, we must learn how to move on and get back on track. Sorrows pass, but happiness will last. 

2. "Love shouldn't just be a spelling L - O - V - E, it's demanded to be felt and be loved back" - Ammm hahaha... well there are a lot of types of love. Sometimes the love we think we deserve confuse us with the feeling of what is love all about. It's not just the flattering, fluttering emotions given by a specific person but a love that bounce back and forth that makes you equal. 

3. "If you're trap, escape" - Don't bind yourself with the idea of "maybe it could still work" or just full of maybe's. If it's already getting you intoxicated, get out! Be free and be happy! 

4. "We are so alike but not" - Okay, as friends, we have ton's of similarities, but in the end we are two different people with arguments, a bit of clashing and some "Tampuhan" but in the end we just love each other and that's it. (We still haven't fought so I pray that we would never hahahaha) 

5. "Our choices in life makes us who we are right now, whether it's bad or good" - I remember how she said this to me before. She might be young but the emotions that she had faced was bigger than her, and that's when we can look back at number 1. We make our choices, so we need to face it with courage and deal with it with strength. And to see her with a smile on her face makes me admire her even more. 

6. "Marriage is not just about two people in love, but a responsibility of protecting and holding that love." - At a young age she had experience love in different aspects. I don't have anything to comment about this since, I have never knew what is it like to be one. But all I know that marriage is not just because you want to get married and live happily ever after like in fairy tales, but a love that would bound to people for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do them part. 

7. Babies are miracles - No question to that. Every human life is a gift from heavens above. :) 

8. "Mother's knows best....... if only I listened" - this is basically tried and tested! No words could explain deeper thoughts in this saying. Because as the elder says "Papunta palang kayo, pabalik na ako" (You're just getting there, and I'm already on my way back). She knows!! That's why she's a mother!

9. "Strength is by helping others gain there strength. We all need support" - I can say that this is one trait that she has in her! She knew what we needed, what I needed, she knows what she like, what I like, and if there's an opportunity she see's, she shares it without hesitation. And whenever she does that I cry deep inside, because she knew :D

1o. "We will get there, It's all about baby steps, our dreams would come true, It will all be a reality" - She said this to me last Tuesday, and it carved on the bottom of my heart. Yes, our time would come, it will.... and if that moment happens we will both rejoice and extend our happiness to others. 

Friendship is not just on the years you have counted, but on the strong foundation your friendship is. We may have chase different paths, searched different dreams, but on the end of that every road, we would smile at other, be connected once again, grow, progress and follow the path to success.  

ps. I am posting this blog because she is now in the state of fighting her challenges once again, and all I wanted is to be reminded by all the things she said to me before. All I can say is that I am sorry if most of the times I wasn't visible.... but you know that my love for you will always be here for you! Fighting! I pray for every healing in your life! :)AJAAAA!

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