Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Glitter Cell phone case ;)

Because today is DIY day :) I have found some unused stuffs in my treasure chest hihihih...

Hello October! so it's time to get the room done. Cleaning the house down entails a lot of good memories! Hahahaha... Not to mention the stuffs you could see while cleaning. Since, DIY is my favorite thing to do, I have found some stuffs that needs to be used or else it will just fade its color and forever be forgotten :)

Decoden cell phone cases is a hip nowadays, and decoden cases is not as easy as 1,2,3 but maybe for others, it will take a lot of effort and of course creativity to make one's personalize item. Since it's my first time, I never thought it will be as back aching as the other DIY I'm making. I can say, if I'm going to buy stuffs from stores it will cost me too much, good thing I still kept some of my stuffs since I was in high school :) :) :) But don't you worry, making DIY cell phone cases is FUN FUN FUN! :) So without any further ado, here's my very own Glitter Cell Phone case :)

What you'll need is
1. Cell Phone case
2. Cabochons
3. Glitter Glue ( Mod Podge or Silicone)
4. Super Stick
5. Glue Gun

I made a research about the basic tools need for a decoden cases and this is basically what other crafter's had been using while making their silicone cases.

Since I don't have Mod Podge and Silicon, what I have used is Glitter Glue Stick which sticks way stronger than ordinary glue stick. 

I'm incredibly sorry for forgetting to take a picture of the complete details of making it because I was so excited about making my very first DIY case. Anyways, what I  first did was to arrange my Cabochons in the order I wanted it to be :) And then stick it the phone case using super stick.

(photo from 
pardon me from not having my own photo for this..... 

After I placed and stick my cabochons onto my cellphone case, I have covered some spaces of my cell phone case with Glitter Glue Stick :) 

After 3 to 5 minutes your cell phone case is already done :) 

Again, I'm really sorry for being so FAST PHASE again, but don't you worry I'll try making one of this again and I'll be posting the complete details of making one :) 

Since I'm a newbie in this, HAHAAHA,,, I made my other phone case into something I don't even know what it is. A melted down Ice candy :) hihihih....

Until our next DIY! Why spend too much on something if you can make one! :) 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Miss Tourism World Philippines

Miss Tourism World Philippines.... 

Like huwaaat??? 

I myself couldn't believe that I have made it here. I have stand in front of a crowd wearing a swimwear and to be judged by other people on how I look or how I walk. I was there?!?!?!  When I was young, they tried telling me to be a part of a beauty contest, and all I do was to say NO! I don't want to!? But look wher

The thing is, beauty pageants is not a big deal for me, it seems overwhelming. All those glamorous gowns, shoes, swimwear is too much. Here am I couldn't believe what happen, but the girl who never like those things is now a beauty queen. Funny isn't it. 

I am really awkward and shy, I have a lot of thoughts about myself whether I could do this or not, I was complaining that why in the world did I do this, I had a hard time approaching people, and worst I just can't put my mouth out there and say what I wanted to say. I felt that everything seems to be wrong.
But who cares!I was there, standing on the largest stage at MOA arena and I was a part of Ms. Tourism World Philippines. I stood up and feel every single moment of the pageant. I may not have the chance to gladly smile with glee because I have the crown, but I am extremely happy (define happy!!) and blessed because I can say that I am proud of myself, I did it! Even if the whole world thinks I could not make it, I believe in myself, I took a stand and hold on to my courage. I have beat all those crazy voices banging on my ear that I couldn't make it.
The whole experience was a blast. I would never forget all my new friends who shared the same experience as I have in this competition... Friends I hope you won't forget your Ate okay 
All I can say is just be yourself, keep the faith and everything would follow. Don't listen to what people will say, listen to your heart, because it will lead you to the happiness you won't possibly imagine. 
HAHAHAHA (feeling nanalo lang ung speech ko) Anyways, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all you and of course to My Almighty God and Savior, Jesus Christ, thank you for holding my hand so I won't trip and fall, I offer everything to you  I love you 

So I'll be sharing some of the photos for all of you to see :)

The talent Portion :)

Before I say good bye, I just wanted to remind you, yes you, to never stop believing in the power of your dreams, to explore your horizons and to enhance your talents and don't let anyone pull you down!. Because you'll never know where it's going to lead you. Again, never lose the faith, and enjoy everything you do! :) 

"Don't be afraid to ask for help, to make mistakes or embarass yourself because it's all a learning process to get better." -WhitneyLau

Friday, September 26, 2014

Dreamscape by janine kaye

Dreamscape part 3

Someone or something had pulled me under
Then out of the blue
A hideous creature had come face to face on me
Its yellow eyes and scary fangs had brought into deep
Its hands holding me with grip
I was crying for help
But no one had hear me and then an echo 
“No one is going to save you from your own self”
That voice, where does it came from
Is it from the monster in front of me?
I cried please help me
I need to find my friend
I’ve lost him please, save him
“You’re going to save a person who’s going to betray you soon?”
“What are you talking about? He’s not going to do that?”
“Really, how can you be so sure? You don’t even know him?”
“Because I trust him, and I know that he trust me too”
“But trust can be broken; you can never change the fact that he will break your heart”
“I don’t care if that will happen, as long as I have his word I am willing to take risk!”
“Take risk huh?  What a lousy human being? Everyone in this world are traitor’s
That’s what you think remember,
That’s why you don’t have friends
It’s because you are scared that they would betray you
And there you go having this one boy at your side
All of a sudden your trust issues turn out to be different from the real world
What a pity? Don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you”
It looked at me with fierce
This feeling it’s drowning me
The pain of being alone kills me
I can’t breathe, I’m suffocating
Please stop! Please stop! Get away from me!
My whole body is trembling
It’s torturing me
The pain it’s over powering
Please stop this! I can’t do this anymore!
Help me!

“Jenny opened your eyes!”
I saw him reaching my hand
He saved me
The pain it’s all gone

“Jenny! Jenny! Hear me! Jenny!”
Coughs, I’m alive
I’m panting
I’m soaking wet

“I guess she was in deep sleep as the water of sorrow gets her”
A woman who’s skin is colored with blue and green
Her hair was dazzling red
She was like a nymph
“Hi, I am Charlotte, Queen of the sea.
It seems to me that you have a conversation with the deep blue sea”
Still weakened by what I had experience
I have remained calm through Chris arms
“What does the deep blue sea has to do with her” Chris asked
“The deep blue sea is the sea of all questions,
Questions that we are all afraid to ask
She is quite lucky because you are here to grab her
But if not, she could die because of the solitude the sea gives
And I guess the moon seal had joined powers with the sea
The seal has envy and anger
The same way the sea has and good thing she had you”

I stood up and pushed Chris away from me
I didn’t know why but I guess my body has its own emotions
“My queen, please tell me how to reach the end of this dream
I wanted to go home”
“My dear, it’s all up to you
Whether you wanted to finish this or not
I am just here to guide,
But everything is all about you”
And in the midst of the air the Queen fades away
Leaving light blue marks on the sea

As soon as we reached the place
I felt this extreme exhaustion
“Jenny’, are you alright?”
“Yes, I am, I’m just tired”
“Go and get some rest, I’ll be watching over you”
“Thank you for saving me”
That’s the last word I have said to him
Before I almost close my eyes
The clouds had struck its lightning
The wind started to get stronger
The wave of the sea gets harder
The light had fade away
As I was trying to walk
I know that someone’s out there
Its speed was so fast
It was like a frightening hour
The bushes had move
I checked out and no one was there
There’s a shadow in the middle of the moonlight
It has wings like an eagle
It’s face was like a wolf
Its eyes were red
Its scent was pure horror
Its aura was so dark that I barely see it
“It was nice to see you again my dear Queen”
That voice, I heard it from somewhere
“Well, being face to face with you irritates me”
“Who are you?”
The darkness had blinded the light
I can’t see a thing
“Who am I?”
I know that voice
That voice is the same voice I heard on the woods and on the sea
And slowly she walked toward me,
It wasn’t an eagle or a wolf


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just Sewing :)

Howdy friends! Another Sewing mode for me. I was thinking of a logo I can put to my Dainty Pink page, which you can find on this blog later. So I decided to make drawings of different things I like :) Well, it didn't workout the way I wanted it :)

Well after months of doodling in an unreasonable manner, I have decided to make my very own Sailormoonchaser/Dainty Pink Logo as a Cat :) Not to mention I love Cats. I remember how my teachers and friends tell me, that one day I'll grow some whiskers and I'll be a cat forever! 

 I have mentioned in this blog about my new cat name Chloe, and if you noticed my watermark you can see a cat and a girl above my name Janine.
So I decided to take them out of the drawing paper and make them real :)

Making Chloe entails a lot of work :) Making her eyes and her Piano stripes and all is made almost 2 to 3 hours. The reason of her Piano stripes and Pink color and of course the crown is because I love playing the piano, as I love color pink and the crown simply explains that I wanted to be a princess when I grow up.

Then I made Chloe's friend Kate. Kate somehow close to my name Kaye :) 
here she is :) 

Chloe and Kate :) My new DaintyPink/Sailormoonchaser characters :)

Here are some of the feltpapers stuffs I have made :) 

Adventure time

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dreamscape by janine kaye

Dreamscape part 2

“Well, well, well, look who has come back into the castle walls?”
A voice, echoing inside the black shadows
Bit by bit the shadows turn into a woman form
Her skin as pale as white and her dress all in black

“I can see how that heart shines so bright from you”
As the wind blows
She came across the kingdom without being hit
Nobody had the power to stop her
The shield that was mad for protection was broken
And there she was as she reached her hand on to my chin

“I always wanted to touch you this way”
As the time freezes
Her touches, hypnotize me
With a click of a hand, I went into deep sleep
And all I could remember is,
They began fighting for me

My head, it’s so painful
I feel so tired
“What happen?” I murmured
“Your strength was taken over by Alamandra”
Chris, by the window gave me a touch on my forehead
I guess your well now
“Who is she?”
“Alamandra? She’s your worst nightmare.
She will not stop until she has taken over this kingdom.
And worst to kill you”

Kill me? Why would someone do that?
My head is starting to ache so much that I could not handle it
It’s like something’s burning from the inside
“It’s so painful” I uttered
Chris slowly lay me down and checked me
“I guess she had almost taken your dreamscape”
“She had placed this crescent moon seal on your neck
Once the color changes, you’re going to get weaker
From white to blue to black and each color is equal to one pain
Little by little your memories will also be erased
And the dream you have once built will forever be forgotten.
Lastly, you will never had the chance to go back home”

Not go home? This feeling it’s so strange I can’t explain it
I stood up; calm myself as I look into the window
But instead of seeing a lovely sight
All I see was darkness and terror

“What happen?”
“Alamandra had cast a spell on the whole kingdom to forget about happiness and joy"
“How will the spell be broken?”
“Only the rays of light can break the spell”
“How can we get the rays of light?”
“There’s no we, it’s all up to you to save them”
My tears went falling,
“How about the thing you said you’re always going to be behind me?”
Why is he saying those things all of a sudden?
“Why do you need to say something like that if you wouldn’t keep it?”
“Why……” but before I say another word, he hugged me
“I’m sorry my Queen, for what I have said.
I didn’t mean it that way.
I promise you I’ll keep everything that I say to you”
I pulled his jacket “I’m so scared Chris!”
“I know, and I know that you could do this! Save the kingdom you once made,
And protect everyone with all your might!”

“My Queen, you have awaken!” the king said
“My King, I’m so sorry about what happen to your world,
I didn’t mean too”
“I know my Queen, our world my dear”
“I will do anything to save it with all my might!”
“I know you would, but I must warn you,
As you travel your way to the rays of light
There will be a lot of danger you may encounter
So please bring this sword with you,
It’s the most powerful weapon to break the curses of misery
And this could help you see what you truly are
Don’t worry, real heroes comes with great heart”

In the minute there
I thought with he would say
“With Great power, comes great responsibility”
Oh well, I guess I’m not Spiderman
I’m just Jenny with a J.

As I walk away to the kingdom
I saw the different faces of grief
The laughter fades away
And the terror had conquered every single smile.

“On your journey,
You’re going to meet the three queens of the east.
Carmelite, the queen of the sea
Charlotte, the queen of the land
And Catarina, the queen of the sky
They would point you to the right direction
But I should warn you the three sisters of nature
Are intensively playful and tricky”

Three Queens of the East,
I can’t believe I have them on my dreamscape
Oh my Jenny! You made this adventure all by yourself
And here you go fighting to the test of time

Chris stopped,
“I’m feeling something”
As we try to feel the depths of the ground
Slowly the ground starts moving
“Are we experiencing an earthquake?”
I asked as my stuffs fell into the ground
“No it’s not, it’s Jenkins!”
“Who in the world is Jenkins?”

And a large violet cat came out from the bushes
As she hurried towards me
It seems like I know this cat so much
That I gave her a tap on her head
She suddenly stares at me and licked my face
“Oh stop! Please stop! I’m ticklish!”

“You know her so much huh?” Chris laughs
“I’m really not sure but I guess I just love cats”
Jenkins, put her head down and looked at me with amusement
Chris laughing at me started walking towards me
“She means that lets ride on her back,
I presume you’re still really new at this”
I stick my tongue and followed him
However before I could sit, Jenkins started running that I almost slip
But Chris being so chivalrous,
Catch me so fast and hold me in my waist.

As our journey starts,
I have been thinking about how the three queens looked like
Are they pretty?
Or are they a little bit strict?
How playful they are?
Would they hurt me first and then set me free?
I’m a bit scared to find out
But I’m also excited to meet them

In the middle of my fascination process
Jenkins stopped
“What’s the matter girl?”
As Chris went down, butterflies started to sprout from the flowers
“Don’t get amuse by the beauty they posses” Chris warned
“They could trap you into an unending dream”
Unending dream, really?
I have been day dreaming since I got here

“Jenny! Look out!”
And butterflies everywhere
Trying to attack us
“What are you thinking? Ducked” 
Out of nowhere the butterflies form into a human being
Not just a human, but a beautiful woman!

“Who are you to disturb my Beauty Sleep!” she screams
She studied the three of us and then immediately run towards Chris
“What a handsome young gentleman?
Hi, I am Carmelite the Queen of the land,
I’m single and available and you are” She said in a very sexy tone
“I’m no longer single because I am in love with her”
Chris trying to outcome the situation
Pointed me as his lover
Irritated and pissed, she looked at me
From head to toe and guess what she said?
“Hmmmm, you don’t look pretty and you dress like a boy
How in the world have you fallen for this girl?”
A bit annoyed I didn’t care about what she said
But Chris instead answering immediately laughs at what she said
“She doesn’t look like a boy, she just don’t know how to dress up”
Chris and Queen Carmelite started laughing as if they were best friends
“For your information, so what if I dress like a boy!
It’s the only clothes I could buy in a cheap price
So what if I’m not pretty! Who cares! Nobody even likes me
And don’t worry he’s not my boyfriend!
You can take him with all you want
I’m just here to ask you for directions
Not to give me a beauty check
I just wanted to go home
And finish the mess that I started”
I said giving her a frown

“Oh, what a pity, the party hasn’t started yet
And you already want to go home
 Because of that I summoned you to battle with me!”
The Queen giving Chris a sit,
She started to call her butterflies
“Oh no, what are you talking about?
I am not here for a fight!
I don’t want to shed blood all over here
And I don’t want to fight you!”

The queen scratching her head
“Who even told you about shedding a blood?”
She clapped her hand and say
“So ready or not, let’s start to Rumba!”

And BOOM! The land turned into a huge ball
Where butterflies turned into beautiful and handsome lads and ladies
“Come on don’t be stubborn,
Just walk with grace and beauty!
You don’t know who you’re going to attract today
So give your best shot”
The queen made quite and entrance,
As the music started to get exciting
The queen pushed Chris into his chair
And pulled me towards him
“Well, since you guys are a couple why don’t you dance together!”
“I’m telling you we’re not a couple!” I screamed
“Awww, you guys are cute together!
Anyway, if you don’t like to dance with him, I will!”
The queen pushed me with her hips
As she paved the dance floor with Chris
I sat down, staring at the couples dancing
There smiles to one another are so magnificent
I know that they are butterflies turned into human
But the feeling of love is floating in the air
Grrr! He didn’t even reacted to anything I said
So what if I told the queen that we’re not together
That’s not an excuse to tell me “So what we could still dance”
But no he just stood there and let the queen dance with him
Oh my! What’s wrong with me?
Chris would never like a girl like me
In fact he doesn’t even exist in my real world
It just that I wanted someone to dance with me
The way this butterfly men dance with their ladies
That even if I don’t know how to dance he’ll guide me
So this is the battle of true love huh!
Darn! What am I talking about!
I only knew Chris for days
And suddenly I’m in love
Your day dreaming again Jenny!

As the couples went to their respective tables
The others we’re left for their slow dancing
And here I am watching the Queen and Chris’ love affair
Oh well, I’ll sank myself into a single bar.

“May I have this dance?”
I look up to the voice that came behind me
And there’s Chris standing lending his hand
Okay, calm down, you wanted this but how can I look reserve

“Don’t worry, I’ll guide you!”
“Aren’t you tired of dancing?”
“Nope, because I haven’t dance my energy yet
So will you dance with me?
Come on! It will be fun! Trust me!”
“Okay just one……………………………”

And he pulled me into the dance floor
His hands on my waist
As he sway me through the music
And I stare into his eyes.
This man is astonishingly dashing
How can someone have all of this looks
Oh well, this is a dream world
Anything is possible

Everyone clapped as they watched the two of us
Wait a second? Is this when the guy falls in love with the girl?
Still stunned with his physique
I look down and started to think
Why in the world am I feeling this?
This is incredibly awkward
I’m feeling the electricity all over my body
But this man in front of me seems to be calm and everything
And here I am trying to keep this feeling of mine
What a crush?

He touched my chin
And stare into my eyes
“What’s the matter?”
“Amm, I’m a bit shy with everyone staring at us”
He pulled me close to his body and whispered on to my ear
“You know why they’re staring?”
“Because you are so beautiful”

And my pulse started moving
That I pushed him
Everyone shocked with what they have seen
As they started to murmured what happen.
“Is there something wrong?” Chris asked
“Nothing’s wrong, I’m just tired, I’m going back to my sit”
I don’t know what happen
But the way he said it strike my heart
No one had ever told me that I am beautiful
And that feeling was new for me

Darn! I hate this feeling
I started walking and walking
I’m thinking without thinking
I entered the woods all by myself
Wondered around as if I’m a lost child
And I didn’t noticed that the sun was about to set.
As soon as I tried getting back
I didn’t know where to go

As I walk through the paths of the moon
A cold wind shivers me with fear
That I started to walk so fast
And a loud scream startled into my ear
This pain, it’s so painful
The curse seal into my neck was getting worst
It’s making my heart beats so fast
That I can’t even make a move

“Wondering in the forest alone?”
A voice echoing into the woods
“Didn’t you know that I can kill you in a single prick?
Or I guess I’ll torture you first then let your friends see you die
I smell the fear all over you
But I guess I would let you run first it’s more exciting to see you panicking”
Searching where the voice come from
And then the black shadow sprouted onto my face
Blew into my face and shouted “Run for your life Jenny!”

My body turned into a running machine
That I ran so fast I don’t care where I would hit
What am I doing? My tears flowing on to my eyes
Why does she want to kill me?
The trees suddenly moved as if they’re going to capture me
I tried my best to not to hit them
But still I hit them really hard
And I feel the blood dripping into my hands and legs
Seriously running with a long gown is incredibly hard
The dark shadows start to follow me
Pulling me, bruising me, I can feel their grip onto me
Please someone help me,
A loud scream torturing my sense of hearing
There, I see a light, it’s running towards me
My legs it’s almost going to fell
And catch! I fell without even noticing
“I’m so sorry!
I never thought about them
I promise, I didn’t know that something was out there
It hurts, it’s burning”
The cursed seal seems to move inch by inch
It penetrates my head
“Jenny! Jenny! Hold on to me,
What you feel is nothing
Don’t get into it!
Jenny! Jenny! Listen to me! Jenny”
I felt the warm of his body
“Don’t worry I got you!”
Seeing Chris made me feel safe
He was looking a bit worried
As he carried me through our way back to Queen’s Carmelite’s place

The dancing party was over when we came
Queen Carmelite raced to see me and checked on me
“Honey, what happened to you? I was worried sick about you”
, she wanted to kill me so badly
But she let me run and made every single tree move,
I don’t know why I lead myself to worrying all of you”

“Thank heavens you’re alright,
Come let’s heal your wounds”
When Queen Carmelite had attended my bruises
“Oh my, the curse seal had turned into blue”
Chris hurried to check it when he heard it
“We have no time to waste, we better hurry up or else your time will end”

My time will end?
How will it end?
Chris started to get the things we need for our journey
And put it all to Jenkins
The butterflies had also arranged the ship where going to ride
To see Queen Charlotte, the Queen of the sea
Everybody was in hurry,
And there I am feeling sorry for my self

“Don’t put a frown on your face,
Everything is going to be okay”

“Okay? How will it be okay?” I whispered
In any moment I could die
In any moment that dreams I built will fade
In any moment everything will turn into ashes”

“Honey, that’s not true,
Put this in your mind,
This is your dreamscape
It is in your power what path you’re going to take
If you’re going to listen to all negativity
Yes you will lose everything you have done
You have already come this come this far
I like to tell you that what’s important is the purity of the heart
And that is what makes you beautiful and standout among the rest
Don’t let anyone ruin your dreams
Even if you’re going to battle in your own self
So always put your chin up,
Because you don’t know how many people you’re going to inspire”

Wow! Words of wisdom from the Queen of the land
I never had someone who could speak to me that way
Well, my mom of course she loves talking about wisdom so much
But to have friend who gives advices is really heart warming
I hugged her and said “Thank you I’ll always keep that in my mind”
“And in your soul” the queen added

Before we left,                  
The queen gave me her last message
“You know what it’s okay to trust someone
Especially when that someone looks at you with respect”
I gave her a hug again as sign of being thankful to her advices
That one day I’ll see her again

As our next journey began,
The moon seal that was placed on my neck started to get painful
It’s a bit tolerable but I can feel the hotness conquering me
A feeling so terrible that I wanted to stop breathing

“So here’s the sea of love! According to Queen Carmelite,
The queen of the sea will guide us through our way
 “But how about Jenkins?”

“She’ll know when to come!”
As I tap Jenkins head
I kissed her and gave her my bell
I always wished to have a cat
But since I have asthma I can’t severely handle furr balls
It’s amazing to be with Jenkins
Because in this world I don’t have asthma
Jenkins jumped to the sea and swam back to the shore

The wave started to get a little bit crazy
It’s as if we are facing the storm by force
It was a bit of hard to handle
And I was having a little bit of sea sick

And before we knew it
A large water monster came out in front of us
It hit our ship with its enormous tail
Crashing our ship into pieces
And everyone jump in fear
As Chris holds me and told me
“Whatever happen don’t let go of my hand!”
And we jump
But the currents was so strong my hands are getting slippery
I can feel Chris grip on to mine
I was so scared that I didn’t know what to do?
Again in a blink of an eye the huge current took me
And separated the two of us

I was swimming and swimming
It’s quite weird I am actually breathing under water
But I am not moving on my place
I can talk underwater and
I am shouting Chris where are you
No one can hear me
As my fear grew bigger
I closed my eyes and think about happy thoughts
Because I remembered the king says
That once fear had conquered you, you cannot escape
And I didn’t, as I was struggling from swimming

Someone or something had pulled me under