Monday, July 6, 2015

Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum. Antipolo. Philippines.

Museums, makes me giddy and astonishingly happy. I have only went to three museums in my life "Ayala Museum" (for my history class), Mint Toy Museum (during my family tour in Singapore) and at Pinto Art Museum (with my friends)! Together with my childhood friend Denise, my buddy PB and her sister Ida, without knowing where to go (special thanks to Waze for guiding us in our 20 minute trip), we still have reached our destination (yay!). 

(Map Courtesy of Pinto Museum)
NOTE: upon entering the subdivision, you're going to pay a 20php entrance fee :)

That awkward moment when I thought this cute doggie is a real statue! :)))

I was trying to understand every single artwork that my brain and heart almost crack. 

It's just so emotional like a poetry :)

I feel like his the real hollow man....

After long walks and making our eyes awed. Yummy food hello!

It's really nice exploring the Philippines with friends. Adventures would never be boring! I'm so happy that I have spend my afternoons with you girls! :) Until our next trip! Ciao!