Saturday, September 22, 2018

Inspire Me Korea September Box

Howdy! I have another box from Inspire Me Korea and it's the September Street Food Box! I am so happy to received this box because it's all about food! I am always in love with things that is connected to food! So here's whats inside the box, and I hope that whoever has this box would enjoy the same way I do! HAHAHAHAHA.... You can check my unboxing here

What's inside?
- Street Food Magazine, which offers you variants of article about Korean Food
-Indian Corn Snack, a corn snack that gives you a taste of Corn Flakes (it's really yummy! Not too salty, not too sweet...)
-Korean Seaweed, My brothers enjoyed seaweeds together with their rice and they were too happy to have this on the box
-Welcos Facemask, because why not!
-Mochi, it's actually a keychain but can also be a squishy ball! 
-Dumpling maker, you can check at  for dumpling samples :)
-Rolling Mat for making Kimbaps, you can also check a video on how to make your very own kimbap!

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Thursday, September 20, 2018


Another Food Blog with the Chingu! Advance Happy Birthday Janine! My childhood best friend and I visited this Unli Samgyupsal Resto at Banawe Area Manila.

I am super excited I have prepared my stomach for the unli pork! Once we have arrived, there were already people who are lining up, so "Patience is a virtue", wait for me porky!

As soon as we have seated, the food was already laid on the table, especially the unli side dishes, such as Kimchi, Corn, Japchae, and other side dishes :)

It took us 4 hours just enjoying the fun of UNLI Pork, Beef  and side dishes! Here are some of the photos we have taken at the place :) You can also check my blog here

The servers are fast and they're very attentive to your needs. They will also let you enjoy cooking your own food :) We enjoyed eating, yes eating! hahahaha! Until next timeeeeee! :)