Monday, February 29, 2016

Skirt Up!

Skirt Up! By 
Have you ever wonder what is it like when our Men in Suits, will go Men in Skirts? I remember seeing news on Kanye West rocking his leather skirt twice while serenading his beloved Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala and at the Madison Square Garden singing his famous songs Clique and Gold Digger.
But obviously he is not the first man in the world who wore skirts and skirts aren’t a fresh concept when it comes into the world of fashion. It’s not new to see Men in Skirts in the Western Civilization. 
Well in fact, during the 16th century “Kilts” (or men’s skirt) are traditionally Men and boy’s dress in the Scottish Highlands. Skirt fashions for men also urbanized during 1984, 1993, 2004 and 2009. Obviously, we have all seen Prince Philip and son Prince Charles wore one of those during formal gatherings in London or some of us have seen Mel Gibsons warrior skirt style in his movie Brave Heart.  

To skip the prologue, I have come across this guy from Lookbook.nuhis name is John Laughlin from Duvall Washington. At first, I was simply fascinated by the way he much resembles Rubeus Hagrid from Harry Potter. But the thing that captivated me was the way he projects his fashion statement; skirt (plain, plaids, floral, polka dots, etc). He said that he publicly worn skirts and kilts instead of wearing the usual and casual jeans or trousers.  . 
It’s was really impressive, especially on the way he handles himself with a skirt and his matching knee high socks. So much of my amusement and fascination in his trend, I asked him a few questions on what is his Passion. And about on what had attracted or interest him to this certain kind of style. Hmmm, good question... In life, probably trying to remain free and to help others experience freedom that they might not have experienced in the past”
Probably when I decided to stop being self-conscious about myself and realized that living my life in jeans and a t-shirt wasn't really the best thing. Pretty much through most of my teenage years and early twenties, I wore Levi's 550 and 560 jeans exclusively. Also had the usual "mullet" hair style from about 1990 through 2000. Finally grew that out in 2001, but then wound up chopping it off three times since then. In 2002, I started experimenting with skirted clothing. Later that year, after dealing with family wars, wound up trying a wool kilt, and was finally wearing something that was acceptable to the rest of the family. Continued wearing kilts exclusively through early 2009. Then, in May of that year, we had the hottest summer in Seattle's recent history. Switched back to skirts, saving the kilts for special occasions and colder weather.”

His fashion senses is Definitely not conforming to any stereotype. I like confusing people, I guess.”   Everything is all about style. According to John, styling is the best way to actually express your self and stand out in the crowd. “I guess it allows me to express myself in a visual manner. A way to stand out from the masses with their trying to look different, but failing miserably at it. Every single time I see a guy walking around with a sideways baseball cap, his pants below his rear-end, etc, I have to laugh at him "expressing his individuality" while being a lemming and looking like every other kid out there.” 
Basically, Fashion is not all on the subject of what’s in or what’s hip? It’s about expressing one’s individuality by simply going out and just doing your thing no matter how many criticize you. It’s not about just the clothes you wear; it’s all about how you handle it. So with Skirts, Shorts or with Pants, it is you who makes your own advertising. It is you who makes your own decisions.

Lastly, I asked him his message to the future generation who are into fashion? “Experiment, experiment, experiment. Only way you'll figure out your own look.”

- thank you sir for sharing your fashion statement with me <3"

Friday, February 26, 2016

Poetry and Illustration Part1

Midnight memories. As I was in the midst of writing my short article for an online job, I started thinking of things I wanted to accomplish this year. Things I have never done last year. I don't know if the year before was utterly shy in coming out or I was. I came to think of the possibilities I would have to be as time passes by and this time I wanted to accomplish it.

So while I was dreaming about the dream I wanted to achieve myself. My hands started to move and my mind started ticking. With the help of my pen, I drew faces of my friends, family, inspirations etc. and with some whimsical annotation about life, I started writing some poetry.

For the first part of my Poetry and Illustrations here are my Le Familia :))

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Amo Yamie Crib

It’s girl’s day! J

It’s been months since me and my childhood friends had gone on a date. Since I’m the onlyone whose single, we have decided to go on an early Valentines date. Amo Yamie Crib is located at the second floor Gordi Plaza 2125 Legarda Street, Quiapo, Manila.

Amo Yamie Crib's Menu is Student Friendly, at the same time you can also share your snacks with your friends. It's mouth watery food can make you order for more! 

Cribs are famous nowadays and Amo Yamie Club is one of them.

It’s cozy and inviting design makes you want to stay longer and just relax. Not just only for students but to all ages. Their design reminds me of being a child again, a dream of living in a small house inside our house. It's like "Bahay-Bahayan" all over again. 

My friends and I enjoyed our fun date together! Until my next cafe trip! :)