Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hwaroro Korean Grill Restaurant

My very first food blog assignment of 2017 is to try my very first Korean resto here in the Philippines. If you’re looking for an affordable, eat all you can restaurant within the metro this Korean restaurant is for you; located at the 7SCT Tobias St., South Triangle, Quezon City.

If your coming from Fairview Area or in Quiapo area, it’s quite easy to find. From Delta (National Bookstore) all you need is to walk few blocks from the Scout Boromeo mall and you can already find Hwaroro Restaurant.

Hwaroro is an EAT and GRILL ALL YOU CAN restaurant that offers same rates for both lunch and dinner for only 399!

The ambiance was  Korean Drama feels J it’s like a gathering with your workmates after work just like in Kdramas. Upon arriving, you can see pictures of some celebrities who had visited the place, and some Korean figurines and pictures that somehow symbolizes Korea. It’s place is small and I think there are only ten tables in the area.

For only 399, you can grill anything you want, from beef to pork to fish. Not just that there are also bottomless ice teas, hot coffee, and hot tea. 


My best friend and I enjoyed taking pictures with their Hanboks and it really looks like taking photos in a photo studio! Gosh thank you Slr for shinning! :D hihihi

twinsies photos :D 

For first timers, this is so much fun especially if you just want to pig out. The only down part was the air conditioning. You really need to bring your hankies in case of major perspiration while grilling. 

You can check out Hwaroro Resto here :D https://www.facebook.com/Hwaroro

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