Monday, March 27, 2017

10 Korean Street Food You need to Try in Korea

Another part of my bucket list is to try this different Korean Street foods in Korea. I have been awed with hunger everytime this food is featured on a reality show or in a Korean drama. So if one day I have come to visit this country, I will surely taste it. So here's my top 10 Korean food I wanted to try :D

1, Odeng (Korean Fish Cake) 

Is a fish cake on a stick that is broiled in broth. This is one of the street foods that is mainly eaten in Korean Dramas :D 

2. Tteok-ppoki 

Korean Spicy Fish Cake or stir fried rice cakes

3. Tteokgalbi 
(photo from

Is a grilled short rib patties is a type of Korean food made from galbi, or short ribs

4. Bungeoppang 

a fish shaped pastry stuffed with sweetened red bean paste 

5. Churros 

A friend dough pastry that is commonly well known in Spain, Portugal, France, Philippines, Korea.

6. Tornado Potato 

Twisted Potatoes or Twisted Fries is a spiral cut potato is also one of a the popular Street food in Korea. 

7. Grilled Pork Sausage with Rice Cake

8. Pooki Bang 

A pooped shaped pastry with nuttella filling

9. Gyeran Pang Korean Egg Bread

Steamed sweet muffin topped with soft cooked eggs and sunflower seeds. 

10. Booki 
Traditional Korean Sugar Candy

Bucket List :D
To try this Different Korean Street food in Korea :) 

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