Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Al- Baik

Growing up this is one of my favorite fast-food chain in Jeddah! And because I truly miss this chicken! I made a poetry! :)
Al – Baik BOW
Ah, the memories of before came in
It was only you and me living this feeling
We sat at the table
Just staring at one another for hours
I never like you at first
But I’ve grown fond of you
Little did I know I was already falling for you
And my heart is shaking just by thinking of you
I would never forget when we held hands
It was summer when we we’re both trap in hunger
You gave me a lot of glimpse
That I myself couldn’t concentrate
Your scent had capture me
Like I was hypnotize in a trance
And no matter how much I tried to leave
You came holding me asking me for one more chance
Then we would go back on that same table
We’re we would stare at each other
Your lips close to mine
Making me freeze that I couldn’t resist
Then snap here I am, fast forward
Laughing at those memories in the past
Reminding myself how youthful I was
How funny my brain works with these illusions
The memoirs of us had been long gone
Though I thought these feelings would last
But seeing you again in my new time line
Brings me back to all the recollections we share
As if it was only yesterday
When we both meet

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Food Review: Jajangmyeon Chapagetti

Jajangmyeon ! A Korean noodle dish topped with thick sauce made of chunjang, with pork and vegetables! I have always wanted to try what is it like to taste jajangmyeon! It's like whenever I see a kdrama with JAJANGMYEON as their favorite food for dinner, or simple "meryenda", it's like inviting me to eat with them. So last time during our visit at the Korean store at Morayta, I had the chance to buy this instant Jajangmyeon and try what is it like tasting one.

read as Chapagetti, the very first Korean Instant Jajangmyeon, it is produced by Nongshim, and it's second highest selling brand noodles in Korea. The noodles is a bit pricey for 55php but since we wanted to taste it, bye 55! 

Before you try to taste this chapagetti, you need to follow the rules about cooking the sauce carefully so that you can achieve the jajangmyeon taste you wanted to taste. 
Honestly speaking, I like the taste of this instant noodle, it's something that doesn't reflects on it's color, it's not spicy nor salty, it's very mild and very much pleasing to the taste buds, but of course we have a different taste when it comes to food. I truly enjoyed but if I would be buying this again, maybe no, I think I'll be sticking with my love for Korean ramen, it would also be better if I would really taste the real Jajangmyeon! 

for enjoyment it's 9/10
taste well sorry to say but I am going to give it a 6/10 
it's good for first timers! :) 

Monday, October 9, 2017

First love by Janine Kaye

You we're so happy and inlove
You look at her so brightly like you were so sure she was the one
No matter how I assure myself I was okay
I know deep down, I am never going to be
Seeing you smile with her pains me from losing myself
All I wish that I hope it was me
But I know in this journey of my own love story

It would never be me and we will never be

Friday, October 6, 2017

ANG BUWAN by janine kaye

Nakakatuwang titigan ang iyong ganda
Wangis mo’y parang diamanteng umiilaw sa madilim kong nakaraan
Sa tuwing ika’y aking inaantay
Tanaw ko sa malayo ang matamis mong pagbabantay
Hindi ko alam kung ano ang aking nararamdaman
Pero pag ika’y nandyan taglay ko ang sayang di ko maintindihan
Masaya ako sa mga oras na ika’y aking natatanaw
Dahil alam kong ako’y may ilaw sa mga gabing aking dadaanan
Sa bawat aking pagtingala
Dama ko ang iyong pagkalinga
Di ko malilimutan ang mga ngiting iyong naibigay
Kahit na nung ako’y musmos pa lamang
Kaya’t ako’y nalulungkot pag di ka nasisilayan
Dahil alam kong tinatago mo ang lungkot sa iyong paligid
Na kahit pinipilit mong lumapit
Tayong dalawa ay di magkakalapit
Kaya mahal kong buwan
Sa mga oras na ako’y nakatingala
Wag ka sanang mapagod sa mga bulong kong walang kakupaskupas
Dahil ako’y laging maghihintay
Sa bawat minutong ikay lilitaw

The Coffee by Janine Kaye


I remember how she stares at his beauty
The way she illustrates his charming personality
She didn’t mind about anything
It was only him and always him

She gets shivered whenever they kissed
The warmth of his hug made her feel secured
She would always smile like a child
And dance in her feet while holding his hand

She would always remember the very first time they meet
Just like those sweet endearing kisses on her sleeves
And every morning she wakes up
The fragrance of that man makes her even weak

She always love him
But she knew that he wasn’t meant to stay
So no matter how many hours she would stay awake
The long lost love would never stay the same

She sat there staring at him
Watching him as he leave
She still kisses him goodbye
And whispers into that dark blue sky

“I will still find you tomorrow
And bring back the taste of our bitter sweet scenario
You would come back to me
And will seal our love with those never ending kiss”

There again, she was smiling till the end
Sitting right there beside him
She would laugh at herself
Just by simply staring at him

She would nod cheerfully
She would smile gracefully
Because no matter what she would always be in love
With that Tall, Grande, Venti creature
That made her fell over heels
And she wouldn’t exchange it for any chills.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

That hurdling feeling

That hurdling feeling
I would love to hold your hands and keep close to you till our hair turns gray
I wouldn't care less about what people would say just being next to you is okay :)
We would stare into each others eyes and wait the time pass by
You would crawl your hands into my hair and tell me everything would be fine
We would laugh at each other for being so cheesy
And you would hug me so dearly
We would both look at the big dark sky..
And lose ourselves until we cry
That's how I picture our love story
Simple yet lovely
But as I look into those eyes....
I would realize that our story somewhere trap beyond my bliss
It was only me who loves you within my reach....
Because everything I wrote about you would always be a part of my dream
And no matter how much I remind myself about this realm

I still lose myself thinking about you

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Annyeong! My Korean Fangirl feels! I have always wanted to visit a Korean store here in the Philippines, well aside from C.NA (famous Korean store here in the Philippines that offers Korean merchandise such as beauty products, bags and CD’s of Famous Korean superstars) I was really searching for places or store that offers Korean products such as ramyum, posters, socks, chocolates or juices, something that would spice up my Korean Drama feels.

Finally I had found one! While walking towards National bookstore in Morayta, my le familia and I found this store Tamina! What actually caught my eyes was the striking handsome face of Lee Min Ho. Out of our excitement we immediately went in and check what the store offers.

1. RAMYUM! They have tons!!! Since the spicy noodle challenge is on hype nowadays, there were also customers who are asking some Spicy Noodles (I bet they’re going to face the wrath of the noodles).

2. UYU! The banana milk that our oppa’s and unnies love to drink!

3. There are also a lot of face masks that you could choose from and kpop merchandise from our biases such as socks, posters, postcards and keychains!

4.SAUSAGE  - Kim Bok Joo's Favorite Snack!! 

5. Park Bogum - But what actually caught my attention was Bogum! Bogum’s Ghanna chocolate! Hihihi excuse me from taking a photo with him :D Eh kasi si crush!

Anyhoo, the place also some dine in area where you can enjoy eating your Korean food. “May pagka mini convenient store siya for you” Unfortunately I don't have pictures on their dine area "kasi naenganyo ako sa products!"

Here are some of the Photos my brothers and I have taken at Tamina store! J

Until next time!! spice!