Saturday, September 22, 2018

Inspire Me Korea September Box

Howdy! I have another box from Inspire Me Korea and it's the September Street Food Box! I am so happy to received this box because it's all about food! I am always in love with things that is connected to food! So here's whats inside the box, and I hope that whoever has this box would enjoy the same way I do! HAHAHAHAHA.... You can check my unboxing here

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Thursday, September 20, 2018


Another Food Blog with the Chingu! Advance Happy Birthday Janine! My childhood best friend and I visited this Unli Samgyupsal Resto at Banawe Area Manila.

I am super excited I have prepared my stomach for the unli pork! Once we have arrived, there were already people who are lining up, so "Patience is a virtue", wait for me porky!

As soon as we have seated, the food was already laid on the table, especially the unli side dishes, such as Kimchi, Corn, Japchae, and other side dishes :)

It took us 4 hours just enjoying the fun of UNLI Pork, Beef  and side dishes! Here are some of the photos we have taken at the place :) You can also check my blog here

The servers are fast and they're very attentive to your needs. They will also let you enjoy cooking your own food :) We enjoyed eating, yes eating! hahahaha! Until next timeeeeee! :)

Friday, August 31, 2018


Annyeeeeeooooonnngggg Chingggguuu’sssss!!!
I’m so excited and happy to share to you guys my very first box I have received via mail! It makes my heart so happy; my fingers are getting intertwined while typing. If you’re into Korean Culture like me, I can simply say this box is meant for you!

I have received this box from Inspire me Korea and I’m so glad to be a part of a team that gives you a taste of what is it like all the way from Korea (And super happy to announce that I am one of the newbies of IMK.) If you want to get to know more about Inspire me Korea, you can visit their page at and I know for sure you’ll love it, especially when you love things about Korea like me.

I am super excited and in awe with the box, because I was used in watching (Inspire Me korea Unboxing) this on youtube, and now I have one for me and my turn to shine! (HUWAT?!) (insert fangirling song and Dance to the Rhythm!) 

What’s inside the Box?
August is MUSIC BOX! To all music lovers, you would practically enjoy and love this box, the same way I did! So here are the items that would make your heart extremely happy! And I hope you liked it the same I did!

As soon as you opened the box, a cute Inspire me Korea sticker would be saying hello to you at the same time a note at the upper part of the box J

Then a message from Diana and Alice <3

Followed by a Black Cap with rings on the side just like your favorite Kpop Idols 
(insert fangirling song: FIRE- BTS)

Chibi Stickers (the perfect decoration for my journal!) Music theme magazine that would give you more knowledge about Korea’s Music and a glimpse of how Korea’s history created their very own music.

Ramen! WHO LOVES RAMEN! Definitely something to add at our favorite ramen list :) 

The special biscuit that made my day! It taste like butter cookies with honey! YUM!

 PINS! I think this box has known me, I am a huge collector of pins, and this is the best additions for my baby pins and Photo cards! I got Suga, Krystal and Seventeen’s Jun!

For your beauty regimen, a facial mask from Nature Republic :) 

Inspire Me Korea box even has a sweet saying from Mahatma Gandi "Be the change that you wish the world to see" 

But Inspire me Korea isn’t just about their subscription boxes, they also have a blog that talks about entertainments, beauty, interviews,  Korean language and even reviews. So if you really want to spice up your Korean knowledge go and Check it out now!!!!

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·         Choose between a monthly, 3 month and 6 month prepay options
·         You’re nearly finished… Now just enter your shipping address, payment method and wait for epic goodness every month!


Thank you so much Diana and whole Inspire Me Korea team for making the boxes possible! And for taking us in the world of Korean Culture! More Power and Success to TEAM IMK! :) 


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Reunions at Trinoma

If I could recall all the memories once again
It would always be you

I was 16 back then, it was summer vacation
And it was the perfect time to reunite with friends

Everyone was ecstatic to see one another
Would spend hours playing at timezone

Sit, relax and talk about our dreams at the food court
And would stroll for hours just enjoying some window shopping


YEAR - 2008

It wasn’t just the first but the first of all many
Every time we would gather up
We’re always adding up
Meeting the girlfriends, the boyfriends and seeing how everyone is growing up

Before selfie sticks and android phones
We all have our digi cameras like blast from the past

Year 2009
We would meet at the garden area and take photos as many as we liked
We we’re all so young, like nothing else would matter

It was so smooth sailing back then
And enjoying our time like there’s no tomorrow

In between, quick meet ups were always easy
Movie treats were never a problem
Because we know that a Large Fries can cure some dilemma

Even if we may not see each other for a long time
It will always be you, the one only place to be

Fast forward today, 26 years old me
Recalling of my memories during those days
Years and years have passed you’re still here to stay

Seeing my friends again after so many years
We may not as many as before
But the childhood feels was like yesterday

My siblings have grown up into fine gentlemen and woman
I’m so amazed how everyone went on their dreams
But the inner youngster in them is always there

Just like you, I may have grew up but you never changed
You added up some spice but you are always there
Thank you for giving our reunions always as blast
And I know for sure you, my friends and I will always last!

Year 2018 :)

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Yesterday's Momentum

My best friend and I made this poetry together. Combined with our thoughts, I have arranged everything and turned it into poetry.

Yesterday's Momentum
by PB and J

Wonderers of time and space
Remembered the importance of a dream
Questioned the unimaginable
Imaginations, hallucinations resulted to illusion
Then tears comes because of frustration
Again another subject was meant to be unanswered
Maybe it’s for walking or simply running
The one who curves the way to stroll away
Or the one who straightens thru then looks away
Whether to take the lane or just stroll on the commons
Which one would you choose the park or the path?
The path to see what you should have notice
Or the park to seat for a moment or to push thru
Unaware or be knowing, is it my call or a form of windfall?
And then drive through those long roads of never ending
Only to realize that memories are the only thing that is permanent
Thoughts just came passing by
I think I’m okay watching the perfect vanilla sky
Because I am like a Loch Ness
I more than the fa├žade you see
But a stunning success waiting  to be revealed
And echoed these words from within
“Feed me your soul of wonder and let me hallucinate in your reality”
I am a wonderer, and yet I know what my reality is

Friday, July 6, 2018

Go Back Couple Review

Go Back Couple, "Waeyo?" My tears are like dripping somewhere! I just can't help but to tear on different emotions this drama gives. I'm so happy I have watched this!

Hats off to the writer and director of these series. My heart is so attached and I can't let go. I have always been a fan of Jang Nara and have watched almost all of her series. Watching Go Back Couple made my heart trenched into pieces. 

The story starts from Choi Ban Do and Mah Jin Joo's Divorce, and how it went down to pieces, and had the chance to go back in time where they could patch up the "mistakes" they did in the past. 

The series had showed the awkwardness of getting through your first love, first dates, rejections, friendships and dreams. It also focuses on the love relationship of a mother to her daughter and her daughter to her mother. At the same time learning to COMMUNICATE your feelings to your love ones, because communication is the key to great relationships. 

Friendships, I like how the series the depict the power of friendships. Through thick and thin, to high or low, to craziness and sadness, one for all for one. Their Friends made their whole going back in time journey worthwhile. Where everything was fun and games and making it through school life, where everything is smooth sailing unlike their adult life. 

I really like how Mah Jin Joo had showed her motherly instincts to her 1999 friends. It felt like she's teaching us how a mother's love is and reminding us how our parents ache for their children. My tears are totally non stop when she had finally met her mom in the past and couldn't help but to tear whenever she see's her mom's eyes. I also liked the part when Choi Ban Do's fatherly instincts simply came out when Min So Young had ran away from home, without him realizing he slightly became a father figure to her. Seo Jin, the couple's baby was also the source of their happiness. Without their child their happiness is incomplete, and the baby was super adorable. 

No character in this series was left behind, everyone has it's story, I just kinda felt that 12 episodes is too short, because the series have taught me a lot of life's lessons. I love how the second leads had understand that their unrequited love would never push through, they were even the ones who made the leads realize their love for one another. All characters had portrayed their part as if it was really theirs. It felt like their triumphs were mine as well! And it's really awesome how characters can basically look young! How they can portray someone in the late 90's and someone in year 2018. Jan NAra and Son Ho Jun portrayed their roles impressively, that I even felt love sprouting and everywhere ( BAGAY SILA).

The last episode may have brought me into tears but it teaches us LOVE, rediscovering your love, whether it's your one true love, your family or your friends, at the same time understanding with the means of communicating. And a sweet reminder that never take everything that is in front of us for granted. Love one another :)