Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Untitled - By janine Kaye

The bridge is nowhere to be found
The sight of dreams that was molded from innocence
Currently scared of what the world is offering
And somehow stuck in believing

Melodies of hundreds of achievers
Ached my heart for I was nowhere to be found
Because here I am still dancing on that same phase
Where I was trapped in this fantasy race.

I looked around and asked for help
But no one lend a hand except for a friend
Whispers of acknowledgement
Made me stronger

For here I am
Trying to change the phase of my song
I may cry tons of pain
But I know one day there is something I could gain

So if one day you would feel down and sorrowful
Move and make your change
You can do it
We can all do it!

Monday, July 11, 2016


Hi guys! My best friend has been preparing an event for her son and she asked me for some handmade souvenirs that is not that expensive but still looks attractive to the eyes.  Since I have been recycling some old stuffs and making it into something new, I remember how my mom used to tell me about “Tipid tips”. The best way to not actually spend much on your products but to find ways for a cheaper materials for your crafts.

So here’s a “TIPID” DIY for moms out there J

A bottled cup DIY souvenir J

Before creating my design... I have shown my best friend my weird art :)))) 

Thank you for taking your time reading my DIY until next time!:)

Friday, June 10, 2016

Ang Manukan ni Tatay Sol!

<3 Hello Friends! Here's another food trip blog with my momma and brother!

Scout Borromeo corner Scout Ybardolosa, South Triangle, Quezon City, Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Open at 11 am to 12 pm

How could I even start my blog! Seeing this photo's makes my tummy grumble all over again! Just like that very moment I have tasted their CHIIIIIIIICCCCKKKKKKEEEEEEEENNNN!!!

JT's Manukan Grille is owned by Filipino Actor Joel Torre and it's Manukan offer's Bacolod's Inasal Chicken. At first I was hesitating on eating since I was practically maintaining my weight (hahaha as iiiifff), actually I thought that their chicken would be the same as any other Inasal's that I have tasted hihihi... BUT I WAS DEFINITELY WRONG! And it's also budget friendly :D

Their chicken has this super "malinamnam" taste that I couldn't express or explain in words! Basta MASARAP. PERIOD. WALANG ERASE. WALANG BAWIAAN! Not exaggerating, pero totoo :D

Unfortunately I didn't have my very own selfie with my chicken since, yes, I admit it, I am hungry! Eh masarap talaga eh! hahaha :)))))

It's ambiance simply shows Filipino Culture especially because of the very huge painting where Joel Torre and his family is in the middle. Very much Filipino. "Salo-salo ang buong pamilya, kaibigan sa isang hapag kainan"

The restaurant also shows almost some of the movies that Joel Torre starred in. Overall, the experience was fun! And the crew was super friendly HIHIHI>. :) 
Until my next eating trip! :)

Monday, May 9, 2016


Howdy friends! After posting a mini DIY for Captain Yoo Jin's charm, some of my friends asked me to make a detailed DIY for a Big Boss charm hihih :D (Don't worry! I didn't forgot to take photos)

I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED IT!! Until Next time! :) 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Descendants of the sun DIY

Hello Captain! Hello Dr. Kang! :)

I guess, I am bit late for this DOTS fever, I just found out about this from my best friend who decided to call me in the middle of the night just to tell me watch DOTS!! I think I need some Korean Channel. Anyways, forward to this very moment and since I am few hours away, well more episodes from the ending, I would love to share to you my own replica of DOTS doll!

I hope Captain Approves!

Once you have cut your stencils, trace it on your felt cloth just like in picture #2. 

Sewing might take you a lot of hours depending on the size that you wanted to make. For me, since I am doing a cell phone charm, it took me more than 3 hours to finish it :D 

So my dear sewing buddies, FIGHTING!!!!! 
(Forgetful me, I was so happy sewing my very own charm I have forgotten to take pictures of it!) 

I also did a mini replica of Dr. Kang and Captain! :) 
For detailed DIY's don't hesitate to comment :D

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cherry Bougainvillea :)

If Japan has Cherry Blossoms, we have our own Cherries to bloom too! Presenting the pretty flower Bougainvillea :)

I have been on the hype of jealousy just by looking at my friends celebrating the beauty of Cherry Blossoms in Japan and being all cheesy under the beautiful pink flowers in Korea. Anything connected with Cherry make me feel jelly! Oh how I wish I could teleport myself there and experience it!

Look at this pretty photo! Isn’t it Dreeeeamy!

But it seems like the simplicity in life, doesn’t really come in sizes or shapes. As I was walking with all the feels of a romantic Korean drama or a cheesy Japan tour, I have come across with this tree that blooms so beautifully that I never noticed it was there!
hihih my baby Chloe enjoying the view :)

So instead of being trap in the fantasy of Cherry blossoms, I had my own way of enjoying it here in my lupang sinilangan the Philippines.

Look at this Bougainvillea tree!
How I wish that there is just one place here in the Philippines where we can enjoy it’s beauty J