Friday, May 4, 2018

Kopiroti 2018

Ahhh Kopiroti! Flash back College years!

I remember how Kopiroti had made an impact during my college years. Those time when you save money just to order SIOMAI! Yes you read it right, Siomai was our favorite "Merienda" during those days! And Kopiroti is one of the MEETING places we have before going on an adventure :)
Siomai is life!

Back in the days (hhahaha I feel so old using this term!), we don't even have pretty Cellphone Camera's to capture our moments, we had digi cams but the pixels weren't as fine as today :) 

Roti Kaya! ;)

Meetup place!:)

Fast forward to today, Kopiroti stills awed my tastebuds, special thanks to my dear friend Ying for another day at the Kopiroti!

ANG SARAP!huhuhuhu!
Hot Choco is always on my list here at Kopiroti but this time I said good bye for the meantime! Krates by Kopiroti is the newest offer Kopiroti has and it's amazeballs! I guess you really need to check it out if you know what I mean! :)

Fish Ball Soup!
It's different than it seems!
It looks blant to me, yes, I have basically judged it's looks but it's the opposite! :')  Masarap siya! :)

here's my fanart for Kopiroti :)