Monday, November 26, 2018

The Coffee Project

Another Cafe to seek! Hi guys, my bestfriend, my brother and I visited this cafe in Eastwood Coffee Project because of it's ambiance and calmness feels. As you enter the cafe, plants would say hello to you and bird cages from the ceiling would amaze you with these tree house feels cafe. 

I never have been in such place where coziness could be really applicable. Some cafe's would offer that calmness, chilly feels, but unfortunately it was barge by noises of everyone talking and chit chatting. Well I don't mind hearing people talking, I feel like whenever I am in a crowd, it's crowd noises feels like words with non stop emotions :) Well, even if it's just me and my thoughts it's nice. But Coffee Project in Eastwood really is a quiet place to go study, read books or write poetry. 

Another thing is, there's a freedom board on the way to the lavatory :) Every week there's a theme of what they should be writing or should be drawn on the freedom board. 

Here are the Photo's that I have taken of the place :D

To end this blog here's a poetry of a cat that has been quietly sitting on the front door of the cafe. 
Thank you for taking your time reading my post! :)

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Inspire me Korea: November BOX

Hi everyone! Here's another unboxing for me and it's for the happy month of November :D

For the month of November, Inspire me Korea offers their Relax box :) The box has goodies for you to enjoy for this month, and here are the cutesies in it :D

The box includes 
- Panda Eye Patch - a perfect way to improve our eye circulation, suppress weak eye sight, have a good sleep environment and relieves eye strains and fatigue
- Socks - a good comfy socks for the cold winter weather or  a great fashion wear for your sandals or shoes :)
- Relax Magazine - a culmination of works of Inspire me Korea lovely writers and designers :)

- A Korean Snack -  I can say that this food taste like our Filipino Peanut Brittle, but I guess this taste better when you poured milk on it because of it's sweet taste
-Green Tea Brown Rice tea- As a tea lover, I never thought brown rice and green tea could taste this good. It's one of the best drink after long hours of working :D 

- Aloe Mask - of course the Inspire me Korea Box wouldn't be complete without their facial mask. A best way for a natural glowing skin :)

-Bookmark- specifically designed by Inspire me Korea's Artist :)

You can also check my unboxing video here :)

Monday, October 15, 2018


It's another Inspire me Korea Box and now for the month of October! Feels, feels, feels! I always get excited whenever my box is coming! My Korean feels couldn't get happier! For this month of October, IMK offers a tradition box that would somehow bring you back during the reign of Queen Seondeok!

(Trivia: Queen Seondeok was the first woman who battled her way into the Imperial line and was King Jinpyeong's successor. )

What's inside the box! :) 

- Korean Lucky Bag/Bukjumeoni- is a traditional lucky bag that brings fortune to it's holder. Traditionally, it comes with five colors; red, blue, yellow, white and black that symbolizes the five elements in Asian Philosophy. 

- Tradition Magazine - would give you information about Korean Folktales, Beauty, Places, languages and quiz. 
-Post Card- Imk's collaboration with artist Jang Hyeon Ju with a note that says "You're as beautiful as a flower"
-Hahoe- a traditional Korean mask that has exaggerated features that depict each masks character! This Hahoe is a DIY feature that you can color :D 

-Facial Mask- For a glowing face and a best beauty routine just for you!

Mikwang - my favorite part of the box, I have always loved rice pops when I was young, so having this on the October box makes my heart and tummy happy! :)

By the way, here's my unboxing video on youtube!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

DAY 1:

Day 1: 
Eyes awake, inner core screaming from a different time phase
Packed the strength needed for this race
Everything seems slowing down
But no matter how helpless it is 
Listen to that drum banging on your ear
Wake up you damsel in distress
Your here to unravel the voices of your hopes and dreams
This is just the beginning of the pages you will be writing 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Inspire Me Korea September Box

Howdy! I have another box from Inspire Me Korea and it's the September Street Food Box! I am so happy to received this box because it's all about food! I am always in love with things that is connected to food! So here's whats inside the box, and I hope that whoever has this box would enjoy the same way I do! HAHAHAHAHA.... You can check my unboxing here

What's inside?
- Street Food Magazine, which offers you variants of article about Korean Food
-Indian Corn Snack, a corn snack that gives you a taste of Corn Flakes (it's really yummy! Not too salty, not too sweet...)
-Korean Seaweed, My brothers enjoyed seaweeds together with their rice and they were too happy to have this on the box
-Welcos Facemask, because why not!
-Mochi, it's actually a keychain but can also be a squishy ball! 
-Dumpling maker, you can check at  for dumpling samples :)
-Rolling Mat for making Kimbaps, you can also check a video on how to make your very own kimbap!

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Thursday, September 20, 2018


Another Food Blog with the Chingu! Advance Happy Birthday Janine! My childhood best friend and I visited this Unli Samgyupsal Resto at Banawe Area Manila.

I am super excited I have prepared my stomach for the unli pork! Once we have arrived, there were already people who are lining up, so "Patience is a virtue", wait for me porky!

As soon as we have seated, the food was already laid on the table, especially the unli side dishes, such as Kimchi, Corn, Japchae, and other side dishes :)

It took us 4 hours just enjoying the fun of UNLI Pork, Beef  and side dishes! Here are some of the photos we have taken at the place :) You can also check my blog here

The servers are fast and they're very attentive to your needs. They will also let you enjoy cooking your own food :) We enjoyed eating, yes eating! hahahaha! Until next timeeeeee! :)

Friday, August 31, 2018


Annyeeeeeooooonnngggg Chingggguuu’sssss!!!
I’m so excited and happy to share to you guys my very first box I have received via mail! It makes my heart so happy; my fingers are getting intertwined while typing. If you’re into Korean Culture like me, I can simply say this box is meant for you!

I have received this box from Inspire me Korea and I’m so glad to be a part of a team that gives you a taste of what is it like all the way from Korea (And super happy to announce that I am one of the newbies of IMK.) If you want to get to know more about Inspire me Korea, you can visit their page at and I know for sure you’ll love it, especially when you love things about Korea like me.

I am super excited and in awe with the box, because I was used in watching (Inspire Me korea Unboxing) this on youtube, and now I have one for me and my turn to shine! (HUWAT?!) (insert fangirling song and Dance to the Rhythm!) 

What’s inside the Box?
August is MUSIC BOX! To all music lovers, you would practically enjoy and love this box, the same way I did! So here are the items that would make your heart extremely happy! And I hope you liked it the same I did!

As soon as you opened the box, a cute Inspire me Korea sticker would be saying hello to you at the same time a note at the upper part of the box J

Then a message from Diana and Alice <3

Followed by a Black Cap with rings on the side just like your favorite Kpop Idols 
(insert fangirling song: FIRE- BTS)

Chibi Stickers (the perfect decoration for my journal!) Music theme magazine that would give you more knowledge about Korea’s Music and a glimpse of how Korea’s history created their very own music.

Ramen! WHO LOVES RAMEN! Definitely something to add at our favorite ramen list :) 

The special biscuit that made my day! It taste like butter cookies with honey! YUM!

 PINS! I think this box has known me, I am a huge collector of pins, and this is the best additions for my baby pins and Photo cards! I got Suga, Krystal and Seventeen’s Jun!

For your beauty regimen, a facial mask from Nature Republic :) 

Inspire Me Korea box even has a sweet saying from Mahatma Gandi "Be the change that you wish the world to see" 

But Inspire me Korea isn’t just about their subscription boxes, they also have a blog that talks about entertainments, beauty, interviews,  Korean language and even reviews. So if you really want to spice up your Korean knowledge go and Check it out now!!!!

·         Head over to Inspire Me Korea
·         Click on that SUBSCRIBE button (you know you want to)
·         Choose between a monthly, 3 month and 6 month prepay options
·         You’re nearly finished… Now just enter your shipping address, payment method and wait for epic goodness every month!


Thank you so much Diana and whole Inspire Me Korea team for making the boxes possible! And for taking us in the world of Korean Culture! More Power and Success to TEAM IMK! :)