Sunday, March 5, 2017

10 things I would love to do in South Korea :D

I have always been dreaming about what should I do first if I visited South Korea. On the top of my list was supposed to be living the dream in a Drama (You know the different places Korean dramas where taken place). 

But for the whole bucket list thing, this is what I would want to do if I set my foot in Korea. So I drew my very own version of top 10 Things I like to do (SOMEDAY)

1. Of course NAMSAN.  To experience the panoramic view of Seoul, not to mention it's beauty during sunset and night time :D Well, I guess, I really need to have my very own lock to place at the tower :D hihihih :) 

2. To try their Street foods. Especially Fish CAKES and Tteopokki. 

3. To Dance Boombastic like Park Bo Gum :) 

it looks amazingly fun.... dancing with your Hanbok :)

4. To visit entertainment companies. Just to feel the vibes on what is it like to be there, where your unnies and oppas had trained years to give you major inspirations and reason why you want to visit their country :D

I would also love to visit SM TOWN COEXTRIUM you can basically read the KPOPPED blog here :D

5. Drink coffee at Dal.Komm. Because Descendants :D 

6. To shop at myeongdong. They say all you want to see is here, and all you wanted to buy is here. 


8. Enjoy Rides at Everland. Even if I am a scared y cat I still wanted to try just one ride :) ahahaha 

9. To visit the Do Min Joon Museum. 

I don't know if the museum/exhibit still exists, because according to some blogs I have read they had changed it to a different location.... OMO

10. I don't know if it's possible, but I hope and pray that I could meet my favorite idol and bond with them ( DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM)

Oh come on guys, stop staring at me as if I am DREAMING :D
I know you want me <3

my inner thoughts: I need to pinch you a little to get your head back :D

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