Friday, August 30, 2013

Strokes of Love :)

My very first comic strip :) I always dream of being a comic artist someday hahah... so here I am sharing to you what I have drawn this past days :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

In a hopeless romantic case

Growing up, my head is filled with fairy tale stories about a girl who falls in love with a prince. I always picture myself being a princess and that one day my prince would come and marry me. But as I grow older, well, I still wish for my prince to come (even if he doesn't have a crown) and that he would save me from my "Man Hating" curse and that he would change the way I see about men...

Oh well, I'm still 21, and I still have a lot of time to see the man of my reality hahahha :)) I guess? In the midst of my daydreaming event, I don't know but, my hands and imagination started to drew couples and wishing that the girl I drew is me.... :))))

Here are some photo's I had drawn this past few months :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Perfumes for sale :)

Hi guys... So I was fixing my stuffs the other day and I noticed that I still have perfumes that I bought for my friends as "Pasalubong"  when I went back to Saudi Arabia...

But since I still have more Perfumes in my closet... here I am selling it for Php150, 10ml, all perfumes are bought from Saudi Arabia :)

You can message me here or PM me on my Facebook account https:/ :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Rampage 2013

Another 1st time :) hahaha... New Experiences is Fun Fun Fun!

Who would imagine I would cross boundaries and put myself into cosplaying.

A month ago, my bestfriend and I had this conversation on "Why don't we try doing Cosplay? Just for once?". We even imagine how our costumes would look like. What if we try Fairy Tail? or Naruto? or Kaichou? and so on and so forth. After weeks and days of talking about it, we decided to make our dreams come true :) last August 10, 2013, Sunday at the SMX Convention Hall, our dreams came true.

Not knowing how Cosplay events really works, I gave my 100 percent best to participate in the event and trying to be my character Caitlyn. Speaking of Caitlyn, the theme of the event was Rampage 2013, everyone was dress as their favorite League of Legends Character.
Since it's my first time, I have picked the easiest costume to make. Well, my Caitlyn Version is way different from the original one... it's looks like I am Caitlyn in training... :) 

Costume was made by me, well, except for the dress (my mom made it), and the boots and the gun :) hahaha 
With my best friend Julie as ANNIE :)
Cosplay Lovers :) Julie and Her Boyfriend Dan :)

with my super supportive mommy! :)

I really had a good time and had a lot of fun joining this event... another event that I would never forget! :)