Monday, November 26, 2018

The Coffee Project

Another Cafe to seek! Hi guys, my bestfriend, my brother and I visited this cafe in Eastwood Coffee Project because of it's ambiance and calmness feels. As you enter the cafe, plants would say hello to you and bird cages from the ceiling would amaze you with these tree house feels cafe. 

I never have been in such place where coziness could be really applicable. Some cafe's would offer that calmness, chilly feels, but unfortunately it was barge by noises of everyone talking and chit chatting. Well I don't mind hearing people talking, I feel like whenever I am in a crowd, it's crowd noises feels like words with non stop emotions :) Well, even if it's just me and my thoughts it's nice. But Coffee Project in Eastwood really is a quiet place to go study, read books or write poetry. 

Another thing is, there's a freedom board on the way to the lavatory :) Every week there's a theme of what they should be writing or should be drawn on the freedom board. 

Here are the Photo's that I have taken of the place :D

To end this blog here's a poetry of a cat that has been quietly sitting on the front door of the cafe. 
Thank you for taking your time reading my post! :)

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Inspire me Korea: November BOX

Hi everyone! Here's another unboxing for me and it's for the happy month of November :D

For the month of November, Inspire me Korea offers their Relax box :) The box has goodies for you to enjoy for this month, and here are the cutesies in it :D

The box includes 
- Panda Eye Patch - a perfect way to improve our eye circulation, suppress weak eye sight, have a good sleep environment and relieves eye strains and fatigue
- Socks - a good comfy socks for the cold winter weather or  a great fashion wear for your sandals or shoes :)
- Relax Magazine - a culmination of works of Inspire me Korea lovely writers and designers :)

- A Korean Snack -  I can say that this food taste like our Filipino Peanut Brittle, but I guess this taste better when you poured milk on it because of it's sweet taste
-Green Tea Brown Rice tea- As a tea lover, I never thought brown rice and green tea could taste this good. It's one of the best drink after long hours of working :D 

- Aloe Mask - of course the Inspire me Korea Box wouldn't be complete without their facial mask. A best way for a natural glowing skin :)

-Bookmark- specifically designed by Inspire me Korea's Artist :)

You can also check my unboxing video here :)