Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dainty Pink Café

I always have this dream of owning my very own café and feel like as if I was trapped inside an old classic movie drinking coffee with my friends or having fun with my hot choco as I stare at my honey bee while he reads his favorite book.

I am so captivated by the warmth and coziness of a café. It’s like every movie’s one trip to your dream place or one trip to meet Mr. Right. Things like this make me want to build my very own café.
As time passes by, as tons of my dreams came by, the visualization of my own café still matters. And because of my best friend who is an avid drinker of coffee and shares the same dream as I do, I wanted to know more about coffee, tea and chocolate.

As an idea of my own café, I have two visualization of it, one is about an old Filipino classic café, and one is just about me, much more of a vintage cute stuffs (well not really precisely me, it’s just all thing kawaii, pink and at the same time selling my hand pieces to my dear loved customer).  I even ask my uncle who’s an architect to make a floor plan of my future café :D A café, suitable for all ages, and the best way to fit your Instagrams! J

Because I was in mixture of what I should put and what I should not, I have decided to make my café something like kawaii theme. Well too much of pink stuffs wouldn’t be necessary but I guess I would stick with the color yellow or rainbow (goossshhh, a tinsy bit of pink! I’m sorry can’t handle it!), because it’s much more captivating in eye. I would still keep my little Chloe’s logo (well for all of you who has been starting reading my blog, Chloe is my little cat whom I drew three years ago, and is my craft business logo).
So what is in stall in my café, is of course food that pleases the tummy. Well there’s pasta, pizza, well maybe chicken or beef or shrimp or anything that me and my best friend would love to do, there’s sweet’s like cake’s in rainbow flavors, cookies, a touch of some Filipino sweets and of course there’s coffeeeeeee, latte’s, the original brewed coffee,  hot chocolate, cookies and cream and etc.
There would also be books on the side, magazines and newspaper, and handmade products that are made by me and my soon fellow artists, and stuffs that are persevered for ages and still works (somehow like a vintage products or toys).
The café can also be suitable for pictorial for couples. Hihihi and friends as well!

This is one cup of my dream! And I hope that one day I could have it checked on my checked list!!!! In a break of my busy schedule and handmade crafts, I have decided to make an experiment on the things that are on our fridge and kitchen cabinet.

The oatmeal pizza! Hahaha… yap, with only a cup of flour and a 3/4 ‘s of oatmeal left, I have decided to make a pizza that looks like a cookie but a pizza! Hahahaa I asked my brother’s to taste it for me, and they have liked it! For me the taste isn’t oatmealy but pizza like! I’m still on the verge of studying the perfect and right condiments to put but yeah its yummmmmy!!! :D

The Red Macaroni! Well I still don’t have a proper name for it. Macaroni Elbows, ketchups (sachet ketchups I have in every take out) ground beef and cheese.

Oat meal pancake! Hahaha the only food I have on my cabinet! And the hotdog kind of compliments the pancake!

Train to Busan (Review and Part 2)

It’s been a month since I have watched this Zombie packed movie, but I still can’t get over my feels about it. It was one emotional movie that could crypt your heart out. The love between friends, husband and wife, sisters, and especially the love of the father and daughter was simply the heart of the story.

The heart raging scenes makes you wonder for the next move and anticipate it until the end. It just breaks my heart out when they killed the main character! Appa! Wheyo! It’s just weird that the main character was simply wiped out of the movie, and after all of the triumphs he has been through, he died because his hand was bitten. Well actually he put his hand where it shouldn’t be! WHYYYYYYYYY! My heart was screaming why! But it was one emotional scene where your heart melts for both the father and daughter.

This movie isn’t just about Zombies, it has heart of triumph. And basically telling you that there are two types of human, someone who thinks about others than himself and someone who obnoxiously selfish! The villain in the movie is somehow amongst us, in order to survive in this crucial world they would not care about others and only think about himself/herself, but in the end, if you did not so good things, karma would actually attack you. And the lead character is also within us.  We have the heart of helping others no matter what happen, despite of not knowing their story, we helped, we care and we understand. And even if the world may not be satisfy we still have a smile on our face to face the challenges ahead of us. (sorry for too much of a reflection! Hihihi… oh gosh I miss my reflection papers way back in college)

Because this movie is a phenomenal hit, Train to Busan 2 is on the talks. I was thinking about how are they going to do this? Will they find the real cause of all this running zombies? Will they find the cure? The cause and effect is still unknown, and why Busan had remained safe among this tragedy.
As the part 2 rumor is swirling, actors like Lee Min Ho and Song Jongki’s was their peg for the sequel. But for me heart is still screaming for Ahjussi! For Appa! According to Gong Yoo, their director said that he died when he jumped of the train and broke his neck.

But I WISH HE DIDN’T! Here comes my wish! I wish (hahaha redundant!) he was actually alive. After a month of the Zombie apocalypse, he was actually lying in bed (Not in a dream but in a hospital bed or better yet a lab). He was there for months being treated, because of all the zombies; he was one who wasn’t actually infected.

And then the search for his history, where he came, where he worked and how would come in. Analyst Kim would be with the researchers/doctors/scientist to help them (because according to him, in the movie, that the infection or virus started with one of their fields.

Because he’s the only living survivor by the time he wakes up, the scientist/ doctors would make further studies so that they could make an antibody out of him. And if ever, Song  Joongki and Lee Min Ho would be the doctors.  Of course there would still be jam-packed action scenes and Zombies, but the cure is needed and how it started should be placed on the film. Then Korea would be free from this infectious terrifying disease and would not spread like a wild fire! And Appa will reunite with his daughter and the pregnant lady would be showing her child to him!

HAHAHAHAHA so much of storytelling huh! Anyhoo, the director and writers are simply great! AND THE ACTORS!! especially the actors :D They just didn’t scare people with terrifying zombies but they also touched the viewer’s hearts.
I’ll be simply waiting for the Part two!

To add up! Because I'm still on the Hype of Train to Busan, I have made stickers for my Journal :) #Handmade #Painted by me :D 

For stickers and painting inquiries, you can buy these on my facebook accout at DAINTYPINKSHOP! :) with a logo Pink Cat smiling 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Kawaii PH Headquarters Part 2

Howdy! Here’s my second blog about my second visit at Kawaii PH. The fun filled dream of Kawaiiness and Japanese dream is making a glimpse at Kawaii PH headquarters. 

Google map:
Or, you can find us using Waze, just type "Kawaii PH HQ" 


Kawaii PH headquarters doesn’t only offer stuffs made from Japan but also Handmade Crafts and arts, dresses and shirts purely made by our Kawaii Filipinos creative’s.

This day October 15, was not just a simple garage sale, at the same time a  Beauty workshop was held at the 2nd floor of the headquarters. Where they teach daily make-up do’s for different occasions. This is also an opportunity to meet and greet your favorite Kawaii Artist or founders who would welcome you with great smiles and warmth. 

They are also offering CanMakeUp products at the venue. 




Hello there Kitty!

Dolly Kaye (If only my bewang is petite, kasya siguro! hahaha)

Whimsicute/Little Miss PaintBrush

Ohkay hello CHLOE:)

I am so thankful and couldn’t get over with that moment (nomu nomu choayo! And because I’m so mababaw, I am really happpppy) because I didn’t only had the chance to meet the people who inspires me to do better with everything that I do, but I also had the chance to share my arts with them! 

With Chichi!

With Anne!

With Ashley!

Thank you Sunbaessss!! J hihihi to Anne (hugs), Chichi (my fave kawaii artist), Ashley (who went down just to see me), and to the whole Kawaii family thank you for putting a smile on my face! 

Brought my mommmmmma with me :) hihihi... 


If you grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, this foodie would make you extremely happy. Authentic Lebanese Shawarma and it’s finest!
Pazar Food Park is located at 26 Regalado Hwy, Quezon City, 1121 Metro Manila

I remember the days when my family and I would just Shawarma as our dinner while dining in Corniche, and it’s one of the food trips that you would always love to do when you are young. Thank you Meshwe for coming to our tummy’s I mean life.

Meshwe offers their best sellers, CHICKEN SHAWARMA and Fries, a meal that you can share with your best friend. But since my best friend and I our food trip buddies, one isn’t enough. (Sorry matakaw lang talaga). The two of us really enjoyed eating especially their yummy garlic, we just can’t help eating with our feelings! It’s like filming a TV commercial and eating it for real! AHAHAHAHAHA

This big bowl of Raspberry is only 60php suitable for two persons :D
@Planet Shake :D

Aside from Meshwe, you can also choose different viands or meryenda's for your hungry vibe. There's Siomai, Pizza, Pancakes/Waffles etc. 
(PHOTO grab from Pazar Food Park)

For more Information you can visit there FB Page here:
or their instagram acct here:

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Howdy friends!

Another day exploring with yours truly Dora! If you are for affordable places, this is the place you can enjoy with your family and friends :)

Have you ever experience going to 3D museums and interact with the paintings? Well, I can say that it’s really fun taking photos at a 3D art pretending to be inside an actual painting.

If you guys want to visit affordable 3D art museum don’t worry because there’s a miracle set for you and its called MIRACLE ART MUSEUM.  For only 80php (for the whole month of October) you can experience 3D Art on it’s finest!  A best way to enjoy with your family and friends, located at Market Market 4th floor, Taguig City.   

Here are some of the photos we have taken at the museum.