Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Food Review: Jajangmyeon Chapagetti

Jajangmyeon ! A Korean noodle dish topped with thick sauce made of chunjang, with pork and vegetables! I have always wanted to try what is it like to taste jajangmyeon! It's like whenever I see a kdrama with JAJANGMYEON as their favorite food for dinner, or simple "meryenda", it's like inviting me to eat with them. So last time during our visit at the Korean store at Morayta, I had the chance to buy this instant Jajangmyeon and try what is it like tasting one.

read as Chapagetti, the very first Korean Instant Jajangmyeon, it is produced by Nongshim, and it's second highest selling brand noodles in Korea. The noodles is a bit pricey for 55php but since we wanted to taste it, bye 55! 

Before you try to taste this chapagetti, you need to follow the rules about cooking the sauce carefully so that you can achieve the jajangmyeon taste you wanted to taste. 
Honestly speaking, I like the taste of this instant noodle, it's something that doesn't reflects on it's color, it's not spicy nor salty, it's very mild and very much pleasing to the taste buds, but of course we have a different taste when it comes to food. I truly enjoyed but if I would be buying this again, maybe no, I think I'll be sticking with my love for Korean ramen, it would also be better if I would really taste the real Jajangmyeon! 

for enjoyment it's 9/10
taste well sorry to say but I am going to give it a 6/10 
it's good for first timers! :) 

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