Wednesday, April 19, 2017

10 Korean Kdrama Foods :)

Kdrama has been one of the things me and my family used to do on our free time. We spend the night bawling our eyes with every episode and almost perfecting the art of fast reading. So today, I'll be posting 10 of the Kdrama food that is basically notable in Korean Drama :) 

1. RAMEN :) - This kdrama food is always present in every drama. It's like if your hungry, take a noodle and eat :) Because of this, it's impossible to not live the Korean drama feel while watching a K-drama. ONE RAMEN PLEASE! :)

2. Sausages!
Notable moments was on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. 

3. Kimbap
Whether it's rolled or cut, it's all about KIMBAP!
Usually this is one of the Kdrama foods where a girl makes her oppa some lunch, or food that they sell on the streets when money crisis calls. 

Exhibit A. FULL HOUSE When Song Hye Kyo's character in Full House makes Kimbap for her Fake husband RAIN :)

Exhibit B. When Miso (Crazy Love) makes Kimbap so she can sell it on the streets :)

Kimbap can also be seen in triangular shape :) hihihihi

4. Bibimbap
Korean Mixed Rice with Meat and vegetables. The first time I saw Bibimbap was when I watched Stars falling from sky, and for the first time  I didn't understand why they place the food into a huge "palangana" where they mixed all the ingredients and becomes red fried rice hohohoho

5. Kimchi 
the most traditional (banchan) side dish in Korea :D

Picture taking na! say KIM CHI! "snap" hihihihih
remember this famous Kimchi slap in "Everybody Kimchi"?
that surely hurts!

6. Sweet Potato 
The Kdrama I saw with sweet potatoes :)
That moment when Pal Gang and Attorney Kang Ha went home after a troublesome day (SUPER FUNNY SCENE!)

the Goblin likes it toooooo

7. Fried Chicken
Who doesn't love Fried Chicken!

8. Jajangmyeon 
Korean Chinese noodle dish topped with thick sauce
The food for singles! According to Koreans, it's the main food eaten by singles on Black day. An unofficial holiday on the 14th of April.

9. Heotteok

A popular street food in Korea. KOREAN PANCAKES! 

10. Korean BBQ
it's like all the food you can eat! hohohohoho

And now I am starving! I hope you guys like my post about my top 10 Korean Drama Food :)
Until my next post!

Calling my swag friends! Lez Eat!


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    1. Hi Sophia! :) Thank you for appreciating!
      I do watch Kdrama's in VIU :) but you can also check other websites online for you convenience :D


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