Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tagaytay Hits 2017

Tagaytay Hits

My very first tour outside Manila with friends: D
It’s my first time going on a trip with my friends outside Manila and the whole experience was a lot of fun! We did enjoy the scenery of Tagaytay and enjoyed the breezy weather and felt like we don’t want to leave the place.

Before driving all the way to Tagaytay, we stopped at Kopiroti to enjoy our late heavy breakfast Kopi Bun with BKL. The food was alright, my taste buds were just shocked with the combination of sweet and salty but overall it was yum! And the cold choco……. Is superb! :D

Thank to Ate Waze for guiding us on our way to Tagaytay. Travelling at 11:45, we arrived at Tagaytay by 1:24 pm (define no TRAFFIC! It was smooooooth travelling!), upon arriving, we specifically looked for Bag of beans to enjoy our lunch and some hot coffee while feeling the wind shivering us.

Even if Bag of Beans is the most common place to go to, we definitely decide to dine there not only because of the windy scenery but also because of the food that they offer. 

FOOD. Since hunger strike at 1 pm, our tummies are longing for breakfast style/ Filipino dish to energize our day and satisfy our hunger. 

Phoebe ordered Sunrise Breakfast, a food collaboration with sausages, eggs, ham, bacon, hash brown, this dish may not look much but it would surely attract your taste buds. 

And look how happy she is!

I ordered, Beef Tapa and Eunice Ordered Pork Tocino, our dish had the same side dishes eggs, and lettuce with cucumber and tomato on top. I can say that this meal is surely heavy! But delis!

AMBIANCE. The place was definetly like a old rest house where you and your friends could chill and hang out as you enjoy the cold breeze of Tagaytay. 

The only thing about the food was it was served hot but after a few seconds of taking photos, “malamig na” huhuhuhu…. (para sa blog!) 

COFFEE. If you’re at the bag of beans make sure to try their coffees! For coffee lovers this one is for you! :D Bag of beans doesn't just promise you good and great coffee but a good take on it's aroma and sweet bitterness feeling that would entice your cravings.

Bag of beans SALAMAT DIN PO! :)

Our Road View of Skyranch 

Next destination, Sky Ranch! The three of us are not amusement babies, so we didn’t much liked riding some rides but just went inside to feel the view, to watch others belt their lungs out as they scream and basically just play and took pictures of the Taal Volcano, and bought some souvenir! J

A quick selfie of Taal Volcano

My pabebe Selfie

TAAL VISTA. On our last iterinarey, we went to Taal Vista. I used to remember this place. It is where my Aunt’s wedding photoshoot takes place :D

a shot of history during the time of Emilio Aguinaldo

First Year Tour: Check
Bonding with friends: Check
Adventure time: Check
Coffee: Check!

Thank you Tagaytay! See you Again!!! :D