Saturday, March 25, 2017

First Ever Bazaar :D

Hello! I'm so excited to share to you all my very first bazaar experience and it didn't just happen anywhere but in my alma mater :D It's a nice and fulfilling experience seeing how many people smile and tells you that your crafts are pretty and your sweets are delicious :D

Hello me! :D My stuffs aren't much but I have put too much love and effort for it :D

:) On the other hand.. here are some of the booths that had participated in this day's event :D

It was super tiring, but seeing everyone smiled, complementing your crafts is happiness. To my friends who encouraged me to do what I love thank you for visiting my booth. You were all busy but you still made time to see me :D

and to my momma and brothersssss thank you for always cheering me up and saying that I can do it! :) It's all our first time... and next time we can make it even more bigger! Aja! :D

From Dainty Pink with love :D 

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