Sunday, March 5, 2017

BLOG: Driving with my best friend

Driving with my best friend has a lot of input of my life as of today. There are things that I didn't realize before that I have come to understand why. Moments like this are like books written in your heart but was never published. My best friend in college is one of the authors of life who has kept hidden for quite some time now, but I wanted to make her realize that her knowledge in life can help uplift people the same way it uplifted me.

Being ahead of me, I never felt that she was beyond me nor she let me feel that she was better than me, especially when it comes to life changing dramas, triumphs and all, but instead she is one of the most humbled person I have met in this road full of people trying to dictate your life. In a world of people who is pretending to be someone there not, there's my best friend.

Late night coffee drinking, late night messages and calls are one of the best, but those late night driving sessions is one of the best. I get to know more side of her than just the facade she shares to people we know. More than the happy go lucky personality, is a deep, emotional, strong person hiding from those laughter and smiles.

She's like one of the teachers you would like to be your favorite at the same time, the strict teacher who just wants the best for you. Those late nights of just music and talking, there were moments like were almost writing a book of quotes of life that every after wording, we forget, and moved on with it.

So here are some quotes she managed to instill in my thoughts as we travel through the roads of our inhibitions and dreams. Quite sadist, painful but I guess, this thoughts of life made me scared, scared that I wanted to stand up and get away from the possibility of loosing myself and be a burden to the society that created me.... I wanted to enjoy and live my life to the fullest without any regrets. It feels like essay exam all over again. I have inserted my explanation on the toughest words my best friend had told me :D

1. "All we need to do is chase our dreams" - As teenagers, we all have this dreams that we love to achieve as soon as we graduated from our school. We wanted it so badly we have created phases in our head and as soon as we walk out on the real world we wanted to have it on our hands. And that's what we have been doing, ever since 2011.

2. "Love is not consistent, it radiates" - Which is somehow I don't understand since, I have never felt in love before, but as she explains, sometimes we fall in love just by the spurs of the moment, that instead of that everlasting feeling of getting giddy, "Kilig", and by the time it fades, we would look into someone else for that longings and find another love with a new one. Love is not consistent, it radiates not just once but as long as your heart is beating it would go further and further.

3. "We are from the idealist generation, but sometimes, we cannot escape the fact that we must live and understand that reality is different from our own perspective of life, and therefore we become pragmatic"  - Well as a matter of fact, oh well, how can I even have an answer to this! I have my own philosophies in life that was instill in my mind ever since I was growing up. That as we face life, realities came to us not just one by one but a blast. Because of this triumphs of overthinking things, you just wanted to shut down the world your moving in and just turn on the things you just wanted to see, and make way through your imagination. But at the end of the day you'll just lay your head into your bed and wake yourself up that this is the world you live in. Not some imaginative scenario of you walking towards those dreams but a reality where you need to work had to achieve the things you want.

4. "Keep that fire burning" - The most used phrase she always tell me. Don't lose it, it's one of the most powerful powers we have in our youth. That burning power of achieving our dreams no matter how hard it is. Just keep on fighting and keep moving forward.

5. "If you want someone who you can't have it will destroy you from within" - an excerpt she said from a Korean Drama Moonlight (From her explanation of love we can't have) We used to like someone we can never have, and because of that we ought to question why does everyone I like can never like me back, the common problem of someone who has been infatuated by the unrequited love phase. Instead of making that person an inspiration, it's making us loose it. We imagined things like what if's, but at the end of the day we realize that everything that had trolled our mind is simply a scenario of something that could never happened and now we go back at number 2 :D

6. "We get old, we loose our youth, and sometimes, life never gave us the chance" - so this is sad! Having a middle aged crisis sucks, even if your not even middle aged. As we paved our way to our 20's being on the 20's makes you feel that your no longer at your youth, your no longer given the chance to succeed, the doors close in front of you, without even letting you try.

7. "Shying away from the public eye doesn't mean your scared but a step to get to know more about yourself at the same time. Just for a MOMENT. Don't get too comfortable to your own personal space because if you indulge yourself with it you couldn't get it all back" -In which I added, that if you really get used to being alone and doing nothing, you'll have all the regrets in the world on why did I even stayed stagnant. It's a huge realization that would make you or break you. Cause the more that you are not doing anything the more you question life. This is one of the reasons why I don't want being alone. I wanted to do so many things is crumpling my check lists! Because in the end all you have is regret. Regret of not moving. "Don't ever regret the things that you haven't accomplished, because that's life we fail but we have a power to stand back again and get on track. But the biggest regret will ever have is the time we waste just by feeling that down time". DOn't worry, because it's okay to have some alone time once in a while. We need it to grow :D

8. "It's just you, me and good music" - (INSERT: I swear in this moment we are infinite - thevibe-) that's the driving mood. With super loud music and super loud voices and super moment of silent and superb of the moment :D

9. In connection to number 1. After years and years of understanding that not everything we wanted in life happens if you just wish it and the word is "ACCEPTANCE - it is how you handle un-predictiveness whether it will come true or not what is important is you know how to accept youe end game. Life moves on and so are you" This is so true, as you grow up you came to realize that everything in this world couldn't be granted just for you. You just need to accept and face the facts that this is life. It's on how you handle it with a smile on your face and full of positive vibes. By the time you realize it, your game face is still on but your now open with CHANGE. :D

10. "Do not conform and sometimes being unapologetic is fine" Yes, we must not be manipulated by the rules and regulation others had set for us. The society may lose us if we don't find ourselves. It's our life and it's up to us on what direction we would love to chase. It doesn't mean we disrespect the high standards of our fore fathers or the people surrounding us, it's just we don't want to be a part of the repetitive niche of life. At the same time, by the time we followed the path we take, and took a stand on what we really wanted in life, we must not be unapologetic in achieving it. We respect them, but we also want to do things in our way. :D

And to add some more, I have realized that in order to achieve our dreams we need to take risks. we need to get out of that comfort zone and try everything in our hands to achieve it. And if failures had approached you as often as you couldn't imagine, greet him with a smile on your face and stand up once again and take that path of greatness.

It's okay to fail and be sad about it for a while but it's sadder if you haven't tried the things you wanted to do and regret it in the end. It's better to feel the pain of rejections and all instead of the feeling of what ifs :D

I hope this blog had something that had instill on to you :D For more happiness and change! :D

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