Saturday, November 22, 2014


To my best friend:

Hi! It's been a long time since I saw you sitting at my bed
Talking about the memories you had with a boy you used to love
It's been a long time when we once drink hot choco while talking for hours
Those days when everything we do was ours

Then one day you just started to ignore me just like what other people do
Never returned text messages (thinking maybe, you're just busy)
You locked yourself in those four walls
Never wanting to answer any of my calls

I just wanted to know if you're okay
Because I really do miss you
If there's something you wanted to tell me
I have all ears all day and night

But if you just wanted to be alone
I would really do understand
So before I end this poetry that I had in mind
Please don't leave me just like what others have done

Because you're the best friend that I look up too
The older sister I would love to listen too
The person I am happy to call my Ying...
I hope that one day we'll be both singing
the tunes of our dreams...
See youuuuuuu :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Before it's too late

Before its too late
There's something I would like to say
Something that I couldn't say out loud
But I guess I could express in these words

She took her pen and started to confess
Her undefined feelings to a boy,
A boy who's close to her heart 
and would always be the one who could make it stop

She worried so much on that possibility
Maybe one day they would fall in each others arms
She liked him so much 
And she didn't even know why

They fight like a bickering couple
and work out things like a fool
She liked to ask him a dozen of times
What are we? but her lips are stopping her to utter a word

She wanted you to make a move
She doesn't need some proof
She wanted you to know how she feel
but there you were just trying to make her unease

She gets jealous with the girls around you
but all she did was to fight for those feelings
She always feel that she's just a friend beneath those eyes
that she would lock herself to sleep and wonder in her dreams

Now she wrote her feelings on a paper
so that she'll never forget how it feels 
The indescribable happiness when your skin touches
Those whispers that lingers into her soul. 

Please do hold my hand 
Tell me to not let go
because maybe in the near future
I would be smiling the brightest and I'm sorry it won't be you...

I don't like that too happen
because I can say that you're my greatest love
yet a frightening one
so please, please, tell me that you feel the same

So hello my dear friend
Stand up for her
Don't be afraid to take the risk
because maybe by that time comes

the feelings she wrote on that paper
will soon be crumpled
and will forever be forgotten 
Do it now, before it's too late 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

I have a FELTing.... :)

Howdy friends! Another day, another ways of smiling! :)

For the past few weeks, I was kind of busy thinking of what Christmas gifts I'll be giving to my friends and family this year. Something made from the heart and something that is cost friendly. This year, I have been organizing my felt papers for a reason I don't even know, thinking what are my friends favorite thing to do, favorite character etc etc etc....

So I took my pen, doodled and started cutting shapes from my felt paper :)

Since my felt paper colors aren't that much, I have decided to make Emmet in Jammies :)


Mr. Sherlock Holmes 


The arrow!

And of course my favorite super warrior SailorMoon :) 

Making Felts gave me back aches but looking at them now made me so happy that I wanted to make more for my love ones. You guys can make it too, all you need is patience and perseverance! Let all your creativity float in the air and do the making! You can also tag me on your felt paper designs and show the world your awesomenessssss!:) 
Why spend so much on something, if you can make one! :) 

And if you guys WANT ONE, wanted to make an order, COMMENT below! :) I'll be updating this blog for more and more designs for you to see, or you can request a character or something you would like me to make for you, of course in a very affordable price. :D 

You can also check out my DAINTY PINK BLOG here :)