Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kdrama Style: Suspicious Partner

Happy New Year! As I say hello to 2018, I have come up with my very own Eun Bong Hee Outfits that simply matched the cold season. Yes, Eun Bong Hee, your adorable attorney who loves wearing shorts in a law office!

Eun Bong Hee’s outfit is a quirky formal style that matches her girly/strong/childish image and eye capturing sweetness, even though everyone thinks she’s crazy, she still gives that upbeat vibe that everyone liked. The colors of her fashion style played through different pastel colors like Pink, Blue and yellow that gave her a vibrant style attitude at the same time she also wore colors such as black, white and grey that gave some romantic, chic, office formal style.
Her outfits also standout among all her male counterparts since they all wear black, gray, white, and navy colors while her fashion style gives that youthful modern, professional touch you would love to wear in your workplace.
So here’s my three Eun Bong Hee’s fashion style that I have mixed and matched through the hand me down clothes given to me by my le familia :D
1. Minion (well that’s how my siblings describe the color combination) – to achieve this look I have combined my Vest and my skirt to make it look as if it was a dress since I don’t have a jumper jeans dress. For my shoes, I just used my white dolls shoes and wore pastel blue socks.  
Top – Yellow Hoodie from JR, Vest from Saudi Arabia
Skirt – from Mary Kate and Ashley

2.       Grey Matters – to achieve this look, I have used my mom’s dress she used to wear when she was working in the office at the same time partnered it with my favorite white dolls shoes.

3.       Cheeky Match – to achieve this look, I have copied her hair bun, picked out my grey spaghetti strap, and my white ¾’sleeves and my one and only jean skirt. For my shoes, yes, it’s all about my favorite dolls shoes.

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