Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am Meg 15th Anniversary

Yesterday, June 26, 2013, Meg Magazine had celebrate their 15th anniversary at the Republiq Superclub Resorts World. It was a night to remember because it was my first time to be in an actual bar hehe. I brought my mom with me to celebrate the occasion where I have been a part of IamMeg top 100. Could you possibly believe that? hahaha...

As we step our feet into the venue, everyone is dressed with their best "military glam" outfit. Fashion Statements were everywhere, it was a military night to remember. The program was hosted by Meg ambassador Julz Savard, the program started by a special military dance number by G Force followed by an opening message by Bianca Gonzalez, then Julz introduced the Young Achievers who were present at the event, Camille Co and Laureen Uy's collection and best dressed winners and last but not definitely not the least was the announcement of the Top 16 finalist for IAMMEG by Kim Jones and Julz.

Julz Savard  

Ms. Bianca Gonzalez

Ms. Julz and Ms. Kim Jones announcing the top 16 

I may not be a part of the Top 16, but the experience that I have been through in this event is simply wonderful. Yes there is this "Sayang Moments" but maybe this isn't my time yet, maybe tomorrow but not today. And as the saying goes Try and Try until you succeed :D

So here are some of the snapshots I have from the event :) and also don't forget to visit my YouTube account for the I am Meg 15th Anniversary

me and my MOMmy :)

 Ze freebies :)

Motto For Life :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am Meg Top 100 :)

Who wouldn't believe I would actually get in :)

It's been weeks since I got my letter that I was shortlisted for I am Meg Season 2 Audition last May 25,2013 at the Shangrila Plaza Atrium.

Being an "auditionee" entails a lot of courage to stand in front of the judges and sell yourself. I was having a complete goosebumps all over me; it was my first time, and all I could think of is "YOU CAN DO IT".

Before you reach the end of the whole audition, you have to pass different booths to complete your whole persona; from accessories, to makeup, to VTR, to Photoshoot, to freebies. After all of those, I guess I was okay.

Days had passed, I was a bit busy with all of my editing job that I didn't noticed that I got an invitation from Meg 15th Anniversary. At first all I thought that it was just an invitation for the event but as I scan through the letter it was like OH EM GEEEE!!! I am a part of the top 100 for I am Meg season 2 :))))

Meg Invitation :)

I am Meg top 100 :D

Hi! I'm Janine Bernabe :)

Monday, June 24, 2013


I have been to tons of shoots in my life, from outdoor to indoor shoots, to make-up tutorials to bombastic hairstyles shoots but never been into shoots like MEGA STYLE :) hohoho

I was invited by the "Missplplify" to cover her behind the scenes at "A look with Ever Bilena", it was a privilege for me to meet new people and to see what is actually going on behind shoots.

I enjoyed being a part of the shoot (even if I'm just their to witness the beauty evolution of make-up and to do behind the scenes video), it was exciting and I have learn a lot when it comes to make up :) hohohoho

So here you go, here are some glimpse of the behind the scenes Mega Shoot :) and don't forget to check out their "Makeup Challenge" at

Camera's ready :)

the Ever Bilena Test :)

the man Behind the Make Up Challenge :) Sir Richmond Rondolo 

Goofing around with Iya on Set :)

With my pretty friend and megastyle online editor Ms. Cat Trivino 

The ever beautiful and gorgeous Iya Consengco :) 

Don't forget to check Missplpify's youtube account for the behind the scenes video :) :)

and thank you Ever Bilena :) 

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Friday, June 21, 2013

And so I wrote a song :)))

Hi guys... So I'm in the middle of music making this few days...:) I gathered all poems I have and started dealing with some background music hehehe...

My mom saw me and made fun of me by saying "Ang lakas maka-Taylor Swift", I immediately turn over and say "Hindi Ah!" But deep inside I feel like I was Taylor Swift hahaha..

Anyways I wrote a song, well, added some, it was my mom old poem during her younger years...and this is
going to be my very first composition using my brother's guitar hehehe "Feeling expert" anyways... and she told me to put a background music :)hehehe... 

Here you go mom! I made your poem into a song! :) thanks to baby jullian for teaching me how to strum the guitar :) 

This song is a song about "Hidden Love" or a "Secret Crush" but since that "CRUSH" doesn't know maybe this song could help... :)) hahaha... or maybe your crushes would feel the love vibes from you... hahaha....

You can check out my video here... so excuse me with some over low quality :) hahaha 

And the other video is a bit shorter and a bit clearer I guess... So I hope you guys will enjoy it, especially YOU! hahahaa... 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Paris Dream

Once Upon a time there was a girl name Janine Kaye, and she dreamed of Paris :D

Have you ever wished to have your own travelling machine? Because I do want to have my own travelling machine... I wanted it so badly that I ended up daydreaming.

I always had this moments where I lay down in bed and see myself through a wall of adventures and dreams, where I see myself in the touched of a once upon a dream.....

I dreamed of walking with my Dalmatians at the park, play the piano at a cafe bar, to read books under a tall tree, to take photos of my cat doing what she does best, to fall in love and stare for hours at the Eiffel Tower and to be kissed under it...

Day Dreaming again Jake! Well out of my amusement and love for Paris, I had composed a piano piece called Paris :)

check out my youtube piano piece here :)

And Paris is one of the dreams I wanted to fulfill one day :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

FEAR by JanineKaye :)

You stay away from me, fear

I don’t want to shed another tear
You have abuse my innocence 
And turn me insane
You have kept me into darkness
And lock me with my own predicaments
So you stay away from me fear
Because I will no longer tolerate this pain.

Sketch Fest

Last June 15, 2013, I have joined the "Sketch Fest" competition that was held at the Makati Triangle...  I was a bit nervous at first but as I have paved my hands onto my sketch paper I immediately picture how my art will look like....

The Sketch Fest was on it's 3rd year, "My Flag, My country" was their slogan... I really wish I had photos of the artist who's hands are incredibly admirable and drew their masterpiece exquisitely but sad to say my camera was not in the mood of taking pictures hahaha in short Low battery performance :)))

Anyways.... I still had a photo of myself (thank goodness)

this is the Poem I wrote on the Side :)

Ang bayan kong Sinilangan
Dugo't Pawis ang Puhunan
Itinatayo ang Bandila
Kung san mansulok mapadpad
Taglay ko sa aking dugo
Ang kabayanihan ng aking mga ninuno
Kaya sa araw na ito
Taas noo kong isinisigaw
"Ako ay Pilipino!"
Malaya ako kungdi dahil sa inyo
Mabuhay ang Perlas ng silangan
Kung saan ako naninirahan

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Sunday Mood Thrills :)

Hi guys! I'm just going to share to you what I wore last Sunday...A girly me day (I guess)! And I can say a bit of the past.... :D

My Lookbook Photo :D

My sleeves when I was still in Grade 6 from U-Right Jeddah 
My mom's skirt when she was in Grade 6 toooooo :D

My Aunt's leather bag way way before... :)

My Senior chucks 

and my clip (madebymymom) when I was 7 years old :) 

My locket ring and My mom's ring during the 80's or the 90's 

The Make Up Hub Workshop :)

I have never been into Make Up workshop before, well in fact I never watched any make up tutorials on net... I just love to sit and watch my friends do their make up on, or stare on beauty magazines for long hours just to figure out how they do that....

Well, special thanks to my batch mate, my classmate, my model and my Friend, Iya Consengco (Missplpify) for choosing me to video some titsy bitsy parts of the Workshop...

The Workshop was held at the Bottega Studio, Katipunan at 1:00pm. It was conducted by professional and known make up artist in the industry and banging the world of YouTube with their tips and tricks of make up tutorials namely Ms. Joyce Sola (, Ms. Noe Mae Villagonzalo (, Lindsay Tioco Artillero ( and Ana Patricia Victorino Mendoza (

Make Up Hub Workshop Model is my pretty friend Ms. Iya Consengco 

Ms. Say explaining how to put your foundation on or what they simply call as Base.

Ms. Noe doing the contouring....

Ms. Joyce, illustrating how to put the base on....

Ms. Ana explaining the Advance Makeup tutorial.... 

the advance make up tutorial look... 

Things I have learned from the Makeup workshop is that we all have symmetrical beauty features.. Make up is used to make that facial characteristic stand out. And when it comes to make up, you should make sure that the color you're using fits on your skin tone. For me, I found out that makeup is not just a necessity to be just pretty or just to be glamorous and of course presentable, but an instrument to make one's face a live (from pale to color)... 

Anyways... Check out my site for more pictures of the event, and don't forget to visit Missplpify's youtube account for my featured video... :)