Monday, September 14, 2015

The Nook

The Nook! All things related to Potter is exemplary brilliant!  I am a huge Harry Potter Fan, Harry is my first love! I had every movie, read every article and was placed as a Hufflepuff in Pottermore. So upon visiting, I have searched and read blogs about this Nook Cafe, I couldn't help but to squeal with excitement!

Yap, as in squeal! First step to the world of Harry Potter :) 

The Nook is located at Sikatuna Village, 164 A- Maginhawa Street, Quezon City. It would totally spice up your Pottery Feelings :) 

When we got there, it was already crowded, everybody was waiting for their name to be called, just like in high school :) You really need patience. My childhood friend and I waited for almost 2 hours before getting in, but everything was worth the wait. 

Pesto for the Day 

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Butter Beer!

Make Sure to try their best seller Butter Beer! 

Beneath this stairs is a secret that can be unfold :)

Yap, Harry Potter's little room :)

The little room is filled with Harry's little toys, collections, a letter from Hogwarts and the ticket to Platform 3/4 

Once you finish almost all of your food, you can visit the next level upstairs and feel the comfort of the common room. You can also try the different cloaks from different classes of Hogwarts, play some board games, chill and read some books :) 

Thank you The Nook for making us Potterheads experience the World of Harry :D

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Handmade Souvenirs :)

Howdy guys! 2 months ago, my aunt requested me and my mom to help her with some souvenir ideas for her only daughter on her 7th birthday. As a clay and felt maker, I have suggested key chains, but making felts isn't easy for large amount of souvenirs. So she suggested to this idea of BAGS :)

Making handmade bags can be really pricey, especially when it comes to the cloths that are used and the hours of work being put to one bag.

I was really having fun making this kind of bags, it's really tiring but once you see the final product, you'll be super happy and amazed.

I have forgotten to take more pictures while making it because I was in the "HYPE" mode. But you can still check out my #Jigglypuff #handmade bag in my previous blog for DIY purposes :) hihihii

ARTWORK contest


Last month, I have joined this contest in the Philippines called "Happy in Black and White" tee. Unfortunately I didn't make it to the cut. Nevertheless, I am still happy to share to you the artwork that I have made.

Felice, means Happy in Italian. Because Happiness is the key to better life, and it's just so nice to be happy.  :)