Friday, September 8, 2017

The Philippine Readers and Writers Festival!

Another check from my bucket list! late Post!

 Last August 27, 2017, was the Philippine Readers and Writers festival held in Raffles Makati. It was one of the events that I have waited patiently to attend to. With a hashtag #Goreadwrite2017, you would really post every single moment that had captivated your eyes and ears and share it to your friends.

The list of events include book signing, creative writing workshops, art and drawing workshops, talks about social media, millennial, content creations, and so much more. It engages every reader or writer to get the gist of the events that is made possible by national bookstore. Not to mention the free passes giveaway for the 38th Manila International Book fair (fangirling and it’s finest!)

But one of the events that I attended was the Creative Workshop and Talk: Student Life of Abbey Sy. It’s one of my dreams to meet her for real. As a struggling artist to be inspired by someone who keeps reminding you to do the impossible made me strive harder to practice and practice and learn new strokes when it comes to art and Abbey made it possible for everyone to enjoy art at the same time fill your brain with knowledge when it comes to art.

The talk started from 10 am and ended at exactly 12pm as in schedule. The talk consists of learning how to send our post cards, designing them and making drop cap letters with a live demo. The talk was really entertaining and funny, Abbey gave side jokes and the audience really engage themselves when it’s time for them to ask questions.

Then Book signing! :)

And I am literally awed! First timer! Hahahaha Thank you Abbey, for inspiring us! I hope you can continue to smile with fun and excitement as you share to us your journey as an artist!

with le familia :D

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