Friday, September 15, 2017


The Koosh Ball
As I was walking down the road
I had never felt so much cold
I was wondering about something
But I was not even thinking

As the wind travels through my body
I stopped, I stared, and I paused.
The memory I was once holding
Has already forgotten

I force myself to remember
Of that one time in December
And then unknowingly,
I have reached for you

Squeeze you into my palms
And soothe all those unchained collections
Those seconds, those blackouts, those awes
The thoughts I couldn’t see came back to me.

So I took all those wisdom
And write it out in the clouds
The words I have forgotten
Came back into life in an instant

I toss those feelings in the air
As I feel you back into my hands
I could never thanked you

For bringing back those thoughts of you once again J

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