Monday, September 11, 2017

15 Signs na Kinain Ka na ng Sistema ng K-Drama

Hello Guys! My blog about KDRAMA lifeu is posted in Candy Mag Online Portal! And I'm like EEEEEEEP! 

Because of my Kdrama Feels, I couldn't help how Kdrama's had made me so connected to each episode that I have reasoned my symptoms. Huwat! "Symptoms" talaga! I guess you guys can feel me! "Alam kong makakarelate kayo" :D

Back in the day, Korean drama was basically ruled by Winter SonataLovers in ParisFull HousePrincess Hours, and all the Tagalized versions on TV. Nowadays, they're more accessible to us, which means it's also easier to get dragged into the K-Drama black hole. Here are the signs you already are.
  1. You can't help but get excited whenever you hear or see the word "Korea."
  2. You call your mom and dad eomonnie and abbeoji. You even use ahjussi and agasshi or call your siblings oppa or unnie.
  3. You use Korean expressions like "aigoo" (oh my), "ottoke" (what to do), "andwe" (no way), or "gwaenchannayo" (are you okay). 
  4. You use songs from K-Dramas for your life's biggest moments.
  5. You talk about K-Dramas like you know them by heart.
  6. You eat ramyeon like a boss.
  7. You look for some K-Drama merchandise here in the Philippines and tell the vendors to just take your money.
  8. You take every episode seriously to the point of rewatching them a thousand times just to understand every single thing. "SUBTITLES is LIFE!" 
  9. You never take the second lead guy for granted and love him as much as the lead guy
  10. You show awkward aegyos anytime, anywhere that your friends think your just pabebe.
  11. Your style is very Korean that you almost dress like your unnies and oppas.
  12. You can't patiently wait for the next K-Drama to start.
  13. Your heart breaks when your unnie and oppa come here for a fan meet, but you don't have enough money to buy a ticket!

  14. You find it hard to leave a fandom even when a K-Drama has already ended.
  15. Your biggest dream is to go to South Korea to feed your K-Drama feels!


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