Monday, September 18, 2017

Selena Gomez by Janine Kaye

She came to me like a love song
Didn’t know she was this strong
Her words are like melodies
Trying to push away my remedies
All she wished was to fulfill her dreams
Little did she know she had filled someone’s fantasies?

Her voice was like the light
Of children who feel losing the fight
She hummed in those sweet tunes
Like a beautiful rose that blooms
Her smile shines the brightest
That makes her glow as the finest.

Despite of the struggles she had faced
She face them without a trace
She stood up and let her troubles fade
As she gives an advice to her fighting youth
She once whispers to me and said
Never give up, your beautiful and worth it.

So I thank you for everything you said
I treasure it like it was kept in a thread.
You would never know me for I am a part of the millions
Who cheers you behind this computer screens
So I wrote this poetry
To that person who made me dream big

Her name is Selena Gomez
And I wanted to tell you this
“I got your back even if I am seas away.
You are my inspiration and I hope that you’ll remain strong.
For I have been working on my dreams
Because of the message you give miles away from me.
Thank you! We are going to be strong for you!”

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