Monday, September 18, 2017


PONDS ACNE CLEAR and WHITE BEAUTY REVIEW. My cousin gave me a bunch of Ponds facial wash last July because she said I need it for my skin. Since I am still using another facial wash, I am quite hesitating to use it, because way back in college Ponds product didn't work for me. It made my face rougher than it used to be (as in so many pimples to see). So I am also afraid that it would do the same to me like what happened before. 

Pero sayang naman kung di ko gagamitin, 6 pieces din yun. I tried using one after I have finished my current facial wash. Unlike before, this facial wash is swabe sa skin, it's smoothly feeling gives you a fresher and cleaner look after using it. And totoo sabi ni Nadine, the pimple marks I once had slightly say good bye within weeks and no "powder required" you'll be feeling fresh all day! Not just that it can also give you a rosy cheeks whenever the sun says hi to you! You would also notice that you're getting fairer. 

I have been using this since early July and it's something I can really say "effective". Your face may adjust to product "kasi maglalabasan talaga ung mga pimples mong nagtatago" but after that, it would slowly say good bye. 

What I was really scared about was the Acne clear, and I was doubting about it "baka di gumana sakin" but at the same time why not try it, "hiyang ako dun sa isa". I just started using it this month, and the progress was really fine. I am no longer having unwanted zits, and it's really clearing the places that is needed to be cleared. Tama sabi ni Julia Barretto :) hahahaha
Since I have been using Ponds product for a only a few months, so I am still on the process of seeing more of it's effectiveness and I can say that my face is accepting Ponds product. :) For now this is my face, hahaha... :) 

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