Monday, September 18, 2017

Advance Birthday Celebration with friends!

Define Surprise! Ever since I was growing up, I was the one who makes surprises for my friends because it was one of the least I can do (well, I am always awed at all times and I always get surprises) but this time it's for my birthday, not yet my actual birthday but hoohohoh lucky girl!

I was on my way to St. Claire which is actually the one and only meeting place my best friend and I meet, I was never expecting that one of our closest friends would be there all the way from Saudi Arabia and the funny moment was when she was talking to her I thought it was just an overseas call but after minutes of being on stand by Eunice came with a flashy smile on her face and I couldn't believe my eyes! 

After meeting one another, our next stop was at the SMX convention hall for Manila International Book Fair 2017. It took us a very long drive due to major traffics and all. As soon as we arrived at MOA, our hungry stomachs made a message that we should better dine in first before exploring books!

Dine in at Mary Grace! :) 

After having dinner, we immediately went to SMX :) The place is like a dream for us! Since it's all our first time! There's so many books to choose from, even educational toys! And it feels like we're all playing in the sea of knowledge and books! :) There are also mini exhibits for you to see and book signing events for you to attend. But we're just there hahaha enjoying the place with our tickets flashing! :)

After our MIBF moments, we went straight ahead to the "Grove" to meet the whole barkada and some happy birthday singing :) hihihihi

Our birthday Cakes, one's for me and the other one's for Tin! <3

bwhahahaahah :) Kinikilig si aqoewh

:) <3 :) 

SURPRISE MEET UP! Eunice! Welcome back ulit! NASHOCK talaga ako! Akala ko talaga nakaLONGDISTANCE call ka lang kay PHOEBE! Kinikilig me! THANK YOU NG BONGGGGA HA! September Babies! Happy Birthday NAVALTA! 26 na tayo! hihihih Wishing you all the success in life! MHARG hahahaha ang mystery caller ng gabi! hihihi natawa ako sa mga sinabi mo sakin hahahaha at Cher HAHAHA sa sobrang short notice ang BILIS mong nakadating   grand entrance pa!  hihihi 
At sympre sa punong abala... at sa taong paulit ulit kong sinabi "Pare uuwi akong maaga" at sa paulit ulit mong pagsabi "WAG" kaya pala! hahahaha Thank you pare ha! ikaw na talaga ang magaling sa leading assignment na ganito! SALAMAT din sa Pa Candles at cake namin ni TIN! Love you!!

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