Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Perks of Having Thick Curly Hair!

(PRESENTING MY HAIR!) teheeeeeeee!!! 

Many of you wouldn't know what is it like to have extremely thick, curly, black hair feels. It's like living a life with a lion king hair, well actually a life as a walking Poodle! It's on the genes! My dad's family has extremely kinky hair that being a "Kulot" means your really one of us, and on my mom's side, they all have really thick strands and thick hair, so when you combine them, it's like a huge haystack inplant on your head!

1. For others, there's this so called drama of asking "Is it really hard to brush your hair?" 

Seriously?? Not everything you see on Movie is TRUE! My Hair might look like as if it was hit by a storm but it's really soft and not hard to brush! (GOSH! I hate to admit but it's partially true! PARTIALLY) 
Yes! Broke my mom's brush... The brush is even older than me!.teheee

2. I hate Shampoo/ Conditioner Commercials! 

I have tried different shampoo, conditioners that promised me to have smooth and silky hair but none of them work!

 (why didn't my mom tell me everything was just commercial magic!) 

3. Salon scares me! and Stylists always have a hard time fixing my hair!
Every time I went to a salon, the most common thing they say "Oh you're hair is so thick", "Jackpot ka diyan!", "Ang bigat nito noh!" or hindi kaya ng rebond to... HAHAHA... I feel really sorry for every hairstylists who have weigh, touched, iron, blower and shampooed my hair, I can see their facial expressions and extreme 'sigh' whenever they fixed my hair... I'm really sorry, but I have been carrying this hair for like forever! The best part of being in a salon is that once your hair is done "Oh Hello There!" 

5. REBONDING seems to be a bad idea!
You know what I mean! It looks so flat, it's not cool! It looks unreal! And you just don't know where to put it because you're so afraid that your hair will go back just the way it where before... 

6. It's like a pyramid! It draws so much emotions!
Having curly hair draws attention, it's so thick and huge you just want to cover it, but since it's you, and you're proud to have such hair, who cares!! What could be worse, you love water so much because it makes your locks stick together, but when the rain comes, good luck with that! When winter comes thank goodness you have thick hair, but when summer knocks oh come on, so much heat!

7. It's never boring!
Having Curly hair means no trouble of fixing it. You won't care that much if it gets really curly after doing so many braids, or use extreme hairspray just to make it stay into place, you can iron, blower, cut, or simply just put it up there, it's up to you! :D

8. Kapag "Kulot Salot" 

Kapag Kulot salot agad! Di ba pwedeng kasi inborn lang talaga! 

Boy Kulot by Rocksteaddy was famous among peers especially when  your the one carrying the name "Kulot" . When they utterly say "Kinky or Kulot" in a sarcastic manner, you kinda give them this so called death stare "Mind your language" HAHAHAHA... or "Mag excuse ka naman! Masakit eh"  

9. But what's more important is that you embrace who you are! The freedom just to be you! No matter how curly, how thick and how heavy your hair is. 

"Because they are all perfect, just the way you are!" :D 

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