Friday, June 26, 2015


There are a lot of times I tripped, fall flat on the floor, and no matter how many pail of tears I shed every night nor embarrassment I face in my life, I still manage to stand up, smile and think that everything is going to be alright.

Funny isn’t it. People called it weird &crazy that they tend to get furious and bring me to long talks as if I’m in a midst of depression trying to recuperate in life, silly but true
I remember long conversations with family where you could feel the most inner thoughts of shame and dysfunctionality, and there you are sitting trying to let go and scream.

If I tell you my dream, would you believe it? Or you would laugh because it’s unrealistic? Why can’t I dream the dream others have already accomplished, why couldn’t I dream the dream I really wanted to? “Darling, you can’t possibly see it as a dream, there’s no future in that!” and no matter how quiet you are about your dreams, or blunted about it, you just can’t seem to fit in unless “MAY NAPATUNAYAN ka!”

Whenever I feel those kind of feelings, I seek God, ask them for forgiveness in whatever I could say or think about them, I pray for them, pray for myself, pray for my family, because words are more painful than being kicked in the butt.

Nevertheless, I know His lighting my path to take every criticisms constructively even if I know there’s no such things. No matter how painful it is for me, I believe they do this for me, not for them. Just like my poetry goes, “Listen to what they say” and be wiser handling those situations.

No matter how difficult it is to understand endure it not to the extent of being numb and using your success as your revenge. But instead be humble. You might be thinking that “We’re already on our feet, why still put us into shame as if we are a lost cause” because sometimes those words can make us into a better person. Fixed yourself, do what you need to do, explore, satisfy yourself, you make adjustments so that when they see you they will never pinpoint that Achilles heels of yours.

Do your Best! Don’t ever let words bring you down! Instead let it bring you higher to your own success!

"Lets make our own reality in our own definition and terms... na trtrap na kasi tayo sa reality based on the language of society kaya nawawalan na tayong ng confidence and yes TIME and AGE and kalaban natin today kaya aminado ako sa stress eating... everybody is getting married, working pero bakit pare ayaw ko mangyari sa akin un parang boring same whirlwind of life parang di ito ang napicture ko kaya come what may i know what i want kaya isipin mo na lang pare you are blessed you see the world in a imaginary movie un ang lakas nation we are idealistic and futuristic perl we know the other side.. we don't deny it pero we don't allow it to have a claim in our lives and we've been fighting for 12 years not to let this CLAIM take over... pero sana pare i wish and pray na our reality truck will not hit us by accident and claim its territory by accident.. gosh!! hahahaha tapos pay notepad na lahat ng tao eager making sa story natin as if!! if i know isa sila sa tatawa noon if na meet nila ing teen age self and early adult self natin tapos pay na reach na isang inspiration ito para sa mga unique IILAN LANG NA TAO LIKE US parang 1billion is to tenlang tayo ahaha" - Phoebe Joy Deguzman

Page 11: Coffee and Tea: Live to Inspire

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