Tuesday, June 16, 2015

City of Singapore: Sentosa (Part2)

3rd Day. Last Day. Sentosa.
This is the only trip we had with our tour guide. Since we don't know where and how to go there with our feet, my mom decided to have this trip guided. 
Our First Stop was the Oceanarium..

Then had some few strolls before we rode the "Tiger Sky Tower" with a height of 360 ft above ground and 430 ft above sea level. Once you're up there, you can see the view of Sentosa, Southern Islands and a peak of Malaysia ;) 

Rode this Double Decker Bus for the first time and I'm just amazed! 

Tiger Sky Tower Up Close

Hello Tiger Sky Tower

 This is all that my camera has taken during our Tiger Sky Flight! I am really afraid of heights, and riding this kind of ride makes me really dizzy! And before you experience this towering ride, there are also some photo souvenirs that would take a snapshot of you and your family for a dollar :D (But how in the world can you smile properly if you're terrified?)

The view up there is mesmerizing! Not to mention how high it is. But once you're up there, you kinda forget what problems you have and just experience the beauty of man made power and God's creation :)

After that high awakening experience, we went to the "Sentosa Merlion", it's a gigantic 37 meter tall replica of Singapore's Merlion. Inside the huge Merlion, there's a short video presentation on the history of how and where the Merlion came from. 

Once you reached the peak, you can also see the view of the whole city :D

Picture Taking. DONE
Strolling. DONE
Off to the "Singapura Show" or the Dancing Fountain show (Songs of the Sea) at the Siloso Beach

As I could remember, the Protagonist of this story is named Li and his friends who sang "Singapura" to entertain the audience and then Li sang another song that made a girl named Ami appear in "kelong". Then there came Oscar and his friends, Oscar the Tiger Fish explains why Princess Ami was put to sleep by the enchantment of the Kelong. So Li went on an adventure and met 3 Lord of Elements who loses their power after falling into a long sleep. (Then Flashes of fountain lights fireworks flash as a symbol of the awakening of their powers). And then Oscar encourages Li to sing another song and was joined by his friends and the Princess who was asleep awakens and is smiling to everyone. As soon as her picture fades, the fountain comes to life and danced in celebration and then Li and his Friends waved good bye to the audience :D
(Oscar the Tiger Fish)

3 Lord of Elements: Fire
3 Lord of Elements: Light

3 Lord of Elements: Lady of the Sea
Princess Ami 

Fireworks and Fountain Dance

LAST MORNING in Singapore (VIEW from Our Hotel)

Good Bye Singapore!

We may only have few places to discover in Singapore, but our bonding as a family is one of the most unforgettable experiences ever! 

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