Monday, June 22, 2015

Jiggly Jiggly Puff! :)

Howdy Friends! :) Here I am again with my  Do it yourself mode! :) Today, I have started doing the Jiggly Puff Bag requested by one of my juniors! :) and I am extremely happy to share it to all of you! :)

First, I sketched Jiggly Puff on a scratch paper and then traced it on my felt paper :D

Once I traced it, I placed the other felts for it's eyes, mouth, and microphone

After sewing everything on your Jiggly Puff Base, I cut the edges of the felt paper (make sure not to cut your Jiggly Puff mark, but instead make a so called border for it)

Then Sew your JigglyPuff on your bag :) 

Tananaaaannnananana! I added some cute hearts so that my bag wouldn't look so plain :D

Your Bag is ready for some Modelling!:) 

If you guys want some request just comment on the comment section below and your wish is my command! :D

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