Friday, June 12, 2015

The City of Singapore: Part 1 (Toy Museum)

Throwback December 2009.

First Day. Christmas Celebration. The first trip we had outside the country aside from Jeddah. It's also the one and only trip we had for free. (Free round trip from Philippines to Singapore and Free Hotel Check in Peninsula Hotel) We had just some few strolls in within the vicinity and ate Mcdonalds! Well, we didn't venture so much about food since Mcdonalds is just around the corner;)

(riding the bus all the way to Peninsula)

Went outside the country and still eats Mcdo! :D

Second Day. Toy Museum
Since Universals Studios was still on the process of building, this places is one the most checked itinerary we have before we set foot in Singapore. 
The Mint Museum of Toys (26 Seah St, Singapore 188382)
Where you can actually see different kinds of toys and their very own evolution, posters, lunchboxes, and a lot more. 

I would love to have one of those Beatles shoes....

When Mickey is......... Mickey?

Fountain of Wealth. One of the largest fountain in the world listed in the 1998 Guinness Book of World Records (Located at Suntec City, the Largest Shopping Mall in Singapore)

I don't have photo's of us walking inside the Fountain's base since it's a bit hard to walk while your hands are touching the fountain's water and taking pictures (so epic fail) 

Evening Stroll. I would like to share to you one funny story of our evening stroll. Since our trip was free, we have tons of coupon of "Free Food" including this buy one take one large Pizza. Hungry, tired and exhausted, we still went on finding this free pizza to feed our hungry stomachs. Ask directions, look at the map, walk for few more (almost 2 -3 hours of just walking), we even ended up finding some Pubs in the middle of the night. Unfortunately we didn't find this free pizza, so we just went back to our hotel and bought some instant noodles in 7/11. 
Teheeeee... Bonding with siblings is one of the best thing while your on vacation. 

Year 2009. Where all of my photos were awkwardly taken in a different manner. As a tourist, I can say that walking is more fun than riding. Even if I haven't experienced riding their taxis, buses, just to get on different location in Singapore, WALKING is SUPER FUN, especially when you're with family and friends. And of course the different accounts of memories you have. 

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