Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hundred Islands

Throwback Posts! 2012. Hundred Islands a National Park in the Philippines in the City of Alaminos, Province of Pangasinan (Kapulo-puloan or Taytay-Bakes). 

Hundred Islands has a total of 124 on Low Tide and 123 on High tide :D

This Hundred Islands trip was one of my second trip without the parents. The very first one was in Boracay way back in 2010 (will be posting my throwback Boracay Sooooon). I was so excited about this trip (not because there are no parents) because I have been dreaming of visiting this place one day. Every time I hear Hundred Islands I wanted to go there and feel what is it like living within the sea levels :D
Oh memories! Hello!

Our bahay kubo, kahit munti 

Puto at Kutchinta! Benta ni Manong sa may isla! :) Sobrang sarap pramis!

Masarap gumising ng umaga na may Milo at Kape sa tabi!

Selfie before experiencing some Island Hoping!


(girl in the photo not me)
Cliff Diving! I was so scared to jump that I ended up jumping....hehehehehe


Governor's Island, I have only few shot's of this island because I was busy swimming, drinking juice and eating ice cream! 

Stairway to Governor's Island

Breathtaking view from the deck!

 Entering the Cave :D

 Hundred Islands is more breathtaking once you have seen every photo for real. 
The fun of jumping, 
the fun of water splashing on your face and hands

the fun of adventure

the fun of being with your coolest young aunts and uncles,

Those scenery

Sunsets and Sunrise

Sand Fighting with the younger brother

Food, souvenirs, MEMORIES

It's really fun to experience what your country has to offer before exploring the different parts of the world.
And Hundred Islands is a Budget Friendly! It will be more realistic if you and your family/friends visit our National Parks! 

I love you Hundred Islands

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