Thursday, August 3, 2017


One of the best part about being a “Foody” person is to experience an Eat All You Can Experience like “want to sawa feels”. To make your tummy bloated and feel that happiness like it’s never ending! (sorry to exaggerate hahahaha)

Anyways, the whole family (including our nanay, mommy, tito’s and tita’) went to Sambokojin for a family dinner. All of us were super excited since our family has “long intestines” (our nanay used to say since we are a bit “matakaw”). As soon as we arrived from our tables, it’s like hunger games! As in literally hunger! We didn’t eat that much during our lunch so dinner time is big time!

The place was really jam-packed. So you really need to reserve ahead of time! Especially when it’s on a weekend! The place was also suiting cold, so you wouldn’t really mind feeling roasted after making some “ihaw” on your table.

You can also see different chef’s chopping, serving, and big time busy preparing the food that was on each food shelf. The buffet was really huge you get stuck up on a certain place and you can go hohohoho.

I tried my best to took as many pictures I can while holding my plate on my other hand (yes, multi tasking para sa blog)! Here are the photos I have taken and I hope you can enjoy seeing this mouth watery cuisine’s of Sambokojin! #SWAG

Thank you for taking some time reading and checking my blog! SPICE!

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