Tuesday, August 15, 2017


When you are a big eater, all you could think of is what place do you want to spend your money and what food do you want to eat at the same time affordable. Another fast food had it cover for you. I have always passed this fast food chain at Fairview Terraces, it’s ambiance is a eye captivating since it would let you feel like you need a pit stop for that hungry stomach of yours.

On it’s Fast food style, it’s like you are actually on a road trip because of it’s wall designs and signage. Route 66 is also visible on their tables!

Who would think that Chopstop offers a friendly budget meal for you and your friends plus UNLI RICE that could make you go loco! They offer pasta’s, Grills, Chicken, mug cakes and even smoothies!

So we tried their super big poster “BFF treats for only P390php” and it says it all! Rice all you want! With free Ice-Tea, with viand such as fish chops, Barbecue ribs and Buffalo tenders! And it’s not just a poster size looked but it was actually big cuts in reality! J So it won’t really disappoint you.

The fish chops at first looked like huge chicken nuggets that we almost forget it was FISH, because we’re all eyeing on the Barbecue Ribs! The barbecue ribs was super soft and was easy to eat, and it was like “simut sarap”, it’s Buffalo tenders taste like it was dipped in Tabasco sauce but wasn’t spicy. The thing that was spicy was the Fish Chop Sauce and it shocked the tongue out of me.

As pinoy, we limit our ulam to enjoy the super unli-rice! And I didn’t care if it took me three cups of rice! Hihihihih….

So if ever you’re hungry, do not missed to stop and take a meal on their place! SPICE! 

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