Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Matchbox Yard

The Match Box Yard
Another Food Park to be discovered! Located at Novaliches Quezon City (on the way to Regalado Avenue)

My uncle brought his girl friend and me to “The Matchbox Yard” for our dinner. The venue seems new since there are still places to be occupied. This food parks theme is like a huge match box where you can see some road signs on the corner and recycled tires served as waiting seats and the back part of a “Pick-up truck” used as tables for guests to dine in. There’s also a second floor where you can sit and dine in with your friends while drinking your favorite beer.

The place has some cuisines that you can choose on there’s Italian Cuisine, there’s Mexican treat, Japanese resto, Kebab, burgers and some boodle fight food. Since we came for dinner purposes, we ordered pizza, carbonara, seafood boodle fight, and a huge feels like “Rice in a box” but in a bowl.


 The food was okay, it can surpass your hunger and I love the Carbonara and the seafood and the serving was fast. The place is yet to be filled. Until our next food park exploration! :D SPICE!

Third Wheeling and it's finest!:D

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