Friday, August 4, 2017


At first when I heard about four seasons, all I could think of is Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall all you got to do is call (hahahaha),  it’s like a mixed fruit drink that you wanted to taste in this weather.

Again, it’s fambam! The whole family went to Four Seasons in Cubao, to celebrate my Uncle and my brother’s birthday! First timer here I am. When it’s your first time and you just saw the Four Season’s resto, you would feel like the place looks so small for an Eat All You Can Buffet, but once you get inside, OH HELLOOOOOOOO FOOOOOOOD and place!

The place was big that it could accommodate everyone. From its entrance to our table, the place was really clean and cozy! Best way to sit and eat all day (well for hours!). The place were also divided from raw food, shabu-shabu, breads, vegetables, meat, sushi, raw meat, raw seafood, Korean and Chinese Cuisine, to noodles, cheese, desserts, pizza’s and juices. The place were also filled with cute quotes and paintings that can surely provide for your instagram or tumblr feeds.  My cousins and I truly enjoyed taking photos at it’s green background like a boss!

The fun part was the Birthday roundup! Where waiters holding a HUGE happy birthday sign to everyone whose celebrating their birthdays!

I took as many pictures as I can while holding two plates on my hands yes, multi-tasking for the blog, I hope everyone who could read my write-up would feel hungry seeing the photos I have taken!
So here you go!

Again! Thank you for taking some time reading my blog! SPICE!

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